What do you think of the proposed Voter ID act (Senate Bill 5)?

February 27, 2011

Interviews & Photos by Michael Timm

Tommy Svendsen
“I think it’s a good idea. I think if you’re going to vote you should have some form of identification.”

—Tommy Svendsen, E. Homer Street

Sam Fink

“I think it’s a good thing. It lets American citizens and people that can vote, do vote. And I think it encourages a better upkeep of who’s voting so there’s not two, three people voting at once and stuff like that.”

—Sam Fink, S. Kinnickinnic Avenue


“I think it’s stupid because it’s going to hurt the people that don’t have IDs or are less likely to come out and vote because they have to show an ID. I believe it’s going to hurt the community more than it’s going to help it.”

—Adam, E. Linus Street

Nick Miller

“I think anything to help legitimize voting so there’s no fraud is beneficial to everybody.”

—Nick Miller, S. Brisbane

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One Comment on "What do you think of the proposed Voter ID act (Senate Bill 5)?"

  1. Judy B. on Sun, 27th Feb 2011 5:11 pm 

    This is another power grab by the Republicans. Think about it…Which voters do you think are the least likely to have picture ID”S?

    And people do lose their billfolds or have them stolen all the time. So if I get my purse stolen the day before election day and don’t have a chance to replace to my Driver’s license, does that mean I don’t get to vote. That is just wrong. If they want ID’s — then anything showing your name and address (such as your electric bill or rent receipt) should be adequate identificatioon.

    I, for one, do not believe that voter fraud is a significant factor in the outcome of elections. Who gets to vote and who doesn’t get to vote? That is a factor.

    Just like they are trying to destroy unions, this is another attack on the Democratic Party’s voting base.

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