Two More Apartment Developments for Bay View

June 27, 2018

By Katherine Keller

Centric—Bay View is the name of developer Scott Genke’s next project, 2557-2565  S. Kinnickinnic Ave. in Bay View. Scheduled for 2019, it will feature 18 apartments with first floor commercial space. In 2016 he developed the former King Building, 2534 S. Kinnickinnic, now known as the King Lofts.

Developer Scott Genke, SG Property Development + Management, has plans for two new apartment projects in Bay View.

The first, scheduled for 2019, is an 18-unit apartment building with ground level commercial space to be constructed on two vacant lots, 2557 and 2563-2567 S. Kinnickinnic.

He has dubbed the development Centric—Bay View

“Centric,” he said, “meaning in or at the center.”

Centric will be modeled after his King Lofts, 2534 S. Kinnickinnic, a multi-use redevelopment with five live/work units, nine apartments, and two storefronts. Genke purchased and renovated the King Building, 2534 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., in 2016.

Describing the apartments as high-end, he said, “Construction costs are at an all time high and that’s making me look for different ways to design [the units] so I don’t have to sacrifice my high-design style.”

The two parcels were assessed at $16,900 each when Genke purchased them in 2016 for $500,000.

The King Lofts, 2534 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.


2557-2557 and 2563-2565 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue

Second Apartment Project Planned for Oklahoma Avenue
Genke also plans to build another apartment building on three parcels on the southeast corner of East Oklahoma and South New York avenues. He acquired the properties in August 2017. The 14-apartment building, to be named OK@NY, may include commercial space. Genke has not determined when he will begin construction

Genke acquired the properties in August 2017.

The two homes and the single-story concrete block building within the red outline will be razed to make way for an mixed-use apartment and commercial development by Scott Genke, SG Property Development + Management. He purchased all three parcels in 2017. Note: Bert’s Beer & Liquor, on the east side of the alley is not part of the development.

He will raze all  three existing  buildings, a bungalow, 2501 E. Oklahoma; a duplex 3112 S., New York; and a one-story concrete block building, where First Class Auto Detailing operated for a number of years.

Currently both Oklahoma Avenue properties are zoned LB2, which allows limited (smaller) commercial and multi-family residential development. The New York Avenue parcel is zoned RT3, single- or double-family residences.

Genke also owns the former Tri-Mart building, once a gas station, 2504 E. Oklahoma Ave. He leased it to Valerie Lucks, who will soon open a cafe, SmallPie, in the diminutive space. Lucks is a co-owner of Honey Pie and Palomino, both in Bay View.

City records indicate that the wood frame bungalow at 2501 E. Oklahoma Ave. was built in 1924 and is assessed at $152,200. The wood frame duplex, 3112 S. New York Ave., was built in 1919 and assessed at $197,100, and the concrete block single-story building, 2509 E. Oklahoma Ave., was built in 1939 and is assessed at $101,100.

As previously reported in the Compass, Genke grew up south of Bay View. Before attending UW-Milwaukee, he worked with his family’s construction company, building and remodeling homes in Milwaukee and its suburbs. After he received his architectural degree from UW-Milwaukee, Genke formed SG Works, a design/build firm where he designed and built residential and commercial spaces, “designing everything from the architecture to the furnishings.” Two of his projects include The Belmont Tavern in downtown Milwaukee and Sheridan’s boutique hotel and café in Cudahy.


2509 E. Oklahoma Avenue

2501 E. Oklahoma Avenue

3112 S. New York Ave.









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