The Process Involves Practice

July 25, 2008

By Eli Midthun, 6th Grade

William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet was definitely an experience that will help me throughout my life. The first day we gathered in a classroom, went over the expectations and schedule, and then decided whether or not to commit to the play. For the first two weeks we watched a movie version of the play and listened to a CD of Shakespearean actors to better understand the characters and the play. Once we were done with the movie and CD, we had auditions. Then we decided what we would cut from Romeo & Juliet because we were trying to keep the show around two hours.

We got straight to memorizing our parts. For four weeks we practiced a third of the play every night. Sometimes when we were practicing, we had to cut more of the play because it was still too long. Finally we were ready. We were really nervous, but it was successful for a grade school play.
Midthun played Friar Lawrence.

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