Survey results: concealed weapons, MPS, Hoan Bridge, DNR Secretary…and more!

May 4, 2011

Source: Office of Representative Jon Richards

Thanks to all of you who took the time to respond to my 2011 Spring Legislative Survey.  The large number of responses is a testament to how engaged, informed and active you are.  I am honored to represent you in Madison and this survey helps me speak for you with a clearer voice.  I have included the results for you to see below:

1. Do you support replacing the current Milwaukee Public Schools district with a collection of smaller districts?

Yes: 23%

No: 45%

Undecided: 32%

2. Do you support allowing the carrying of a concealed weapon with a permit if it were a felony to carry that weapon without a permit?

Yes: 26%

No: 66%

Undecided: 8%

3. Do you support having the DNR Secretary appointed by the Natural Resources Board, rather than by the Governor as is currently done?

Yes: 66%

No: 20%

Undecided: 14%

4. Do you support the continuation of SeniorCare and BadgerCare at current eligibility levels?

Yes: 76%

No: 11%

Undecided: 13%

5. Do you support lifting the moratorium on building new nuclear power plants in Wisconsin?

Yes: 32%

No: 55%

Undecided: 13%

6. Do you support the creation of a separate Parks District that would fund and operate the parks in Milwaukee County?

Yes: 42%

No: 28%

Undecided: 30%

7. Do you support Governor Walker’s plan to remove state employees’ ability to collectively bargain for their health insurance and pension costs?

Yes: 26%

No: 71%

Undecided: 3%

8. Do you support implementing the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in Wisconsin to ensure Wisconsin residents cannot lose their insurance because of a pre-existing condition, to reduce the costs of prescription drugs for seniors and to give residents the option of purchasing insurance through a statewide private health insurance pool even if it requires all Wisconsinites to carry health insurance?

Yes: 78%

No: 15%

Undecided: 7%

9. Do you support efforts to redeck the Hoan Bridge in its present configuration?

Yes: 74%

No: 6%

Undecided: 20%

10. Do you support the creation of a Southeast Wisconsin Regional Transit Authority to run our bus system and any future commuter rail system?

Yes: 56%

No: 19%

Undecided: 25%

Thank you again for completing my legislative survey. I value your opinion.  As we continue to debate in Madison, and as new issues come before the legislature, please contact me any time with any questions, thoughts or opinions you have. It is always great to hear from you.



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