Stop Sign for Burrell and Deer Intersection

October 1, 2017

Two stop signs will replace existing east/west yield signs at the intersection of East Deer Place at South Burrell Street near the Hide House in Bay View.

In response to residents’ pleas for better traffic control at the intersection, traffic engineers at the Milwaukee Department of Public Works determined that there were sufficient accidents to warrant a pair of stop signs. They reported that accidents at the intersection include one in 2013 and three so far in 2017.

The accidents included two bicyclists going west on Deer Place who disregarded the yield sign, a motorcyclist who was struck while driving drunk, and a crash involving a hit-and-run (likely stolen) automobile.

On September 26, the Common Council approved the measure to install the signs. Hours later, a DPW employee removed the yield signs and replaced them with stop signs.

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