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February 2, 2018

By Toni Spott

Toni Spott

Finding just the right place to live is not easy, especially when you are being transferred from another area. Your preconceived notions about a neighborhood may not pan out. Or you may begrudgingly move somewhere and end up loving it.

When I moved to Milwaukee from the West Coast, I had only been here one time when I was in eighth grade and our family took a road trip. All I remembered about Milwaukee was cheese, beer, and butter. Lots of it!

When I moved here, I picked Bay View because I needed to be near my “ocean.” It has proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve made, especially as I did not know Milwaukee at all. And that was way before Bay View became the hip and trendy place it is now.

I find that a lot of buyers make decisions based on a gut feeling, which I readily agree with. I usually tell my buyers they will know they found the right home. They will have a gut feeling that “this is the one,” and that instinct usually proves true.

As a neighborhood, Bay View is an easy sell because it has so much to offer. When someone from out of town comes to find a home and they find themselves in Bay View, there is so much that makes them feel they’re where they ought to be.

There is Lake Michigan and the Oak Leaf Bike Trail that runs south along the lake from Bay View. Bikers, walkers, runners, and wanderers all use that great path. There is also South Shore Yacht Club known by some “The Working Man’s (sic) Yacht Club.”

We have the greatest view of the downtown skyline from our side of the bay. We have great parks that have event year round. Bay View has some of the best restaurants and bars in all of Milwaukee County. And lest we forget, think of all of the great local coffee shops here. Wow!

Our Bay View Community Center and the Beulah Brinton Community Center serve the community in a magnificent way. And then there are the citizens of Bay View. Sheesh! There is not be a more talented, welcoming, inclusive community.

What is not to like about Bay View. Like I said, it’s an easy sell!

Below is a summary of home sales in the 53207 zip code are in December 2017. As you can see 42 homes sold in December, the ’slow month.’ It’s that kind of market out there right now — huge demand. If you are looking to sell, now is the time

Have a lovely February!


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