SPOTTLIGHT — Is Winter A Good Time To List My Home, or Not?

December 2, 2017

By Toni Spott

Toni Spott

The housing market has slowed down, as it always does, this time of year — the holidays and the winter months.

Have you taken your home off the market? Or if you’re ready to sell, have you convinced yourself to wait until spring? And you’re probably thinking, who has time to sell a house now?!

From my perspective, we have somewhat gotten away from the historical winter slow-down. Like I’ve stated before, buyers look for homes 24/7, 365 days a year, thanks to the internet. It’s a little like going to the grocery store to pick up only a few things but coming home with a bag full of items you had no intention of buying. But because they were in front of you, you bought them!

Likewise, homebuyers may say they are not buying until the spring but then they go online, just to browse the market…and they fall in love with a home. They can’t help themselves, they have to see that house, and bam! They’ve bought themselves a house — in winter!

Another consideration is that there are corporations that are in the process of relocating employees now. They want them in place by the first of the year. That means the employee needs to purchase a home before the year ends so that they can start their new job on time. But there are also employees moving and needing homes all winter long.

Know that those, who put their home on the market now, experience less competition. That’s because so many people take their homes off the market and don’t relist until spring.

And another bonus of listing now is that because of the ongoing shortage of homes in the current market, it’s still a seller’s market! You are in control!

Worried about disruption? Remember, you can show your home when you wish, therefore protection your family and your plans from disruption. If you sell now, you won’t have to be in that extremely competitive spring market where you could potentially get less money for your home.

Buyers who venture out in the winter weather are rather serious buyers. Would you go out in a snowstorm or on a cold rainy day just to look at a house for recreation? You’d have to be pretty serious about purchasing a home in that kind of weather, so I would recommend that you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth! Winter buyers are serious!

As I stated above, the spring market is extremely competitive when all those homes come back on the market. Then the spring market becomes a buyer’s market and you may not get as desirable a price for your home that you would have in winter.

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