Shorewood leaders make bid to annex Bay View

April 1, 2017

and Other Headlines You Missed

Microbrewery opens in Walker’s Point pothole

Crime reporter’s notebook and pen stolen in Bay View

POTUS hires Compass to generate local alternative facts

New game “Gunshots or Fireworks” gaining in popularity

2017 Humboldt Park Goosefest canceled due to dearth of geese

Sushi restaurant opens inside of sushi restaurant

District 14 alderman proposes wall from  Lake Michigan to Oklahoma Avenue to Delaware Avenue to Rhode Island Avenue

Organic, fair-trade, artisanal coffee mugged

Come on, people, time to take down your “Bernie 2016” yard signs

Skinny jeans apparently still a thing

Alderman’s shoes stolen; Zielinski left on blocks in front of neighbor’s house

Gloves worn by some at so-called “Mittenfest” 

Organizers explain “Bay View Bash” is festival name, not instructions for how to comment online

Art Stop critics undistracted by nearby flashing lights

Prius Lady’s curly-wig disguise fools no one

Bay View closes borders to refugees and émigrés from East Side, Third Ward, Riverwest

Saggin’ declared passé

“Enough Hipsters, Already!” is rallying cry of Bay View border closure advocates

Residents vote to limit Frolics meetings to one per annum

City’s community gardens seek bids for electrified cyclone fencing and frightening, life-like robotic dogs to deter flagrant vegetable vandals

New Restaurant Depot building design pays homage to 1950s post-nuclear holocaust survival pods

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