Results from today’s Milwaukee County Board meeting

May 24, 2012

CORRECTION ISSUED May 25, 2012 by Milwaukee County Board:
Please see the correction below to the Board meeting results issued yesterday.
•        15-2-1 (No: Borkowski, Sanfelippo; Abstain: Jursik) to reject a request that the County Board provide outside legal counsel, at County expense, to represent the Office of the Sheriff in all future legal matters.


•        12-6 (No: Alexander, Borkowski, Jursik, Sanfelippo, Schmitt, Taylor) to refer to the Finance, Personnel & Audit Committee a resolution to fully develop a graduated defined contribution pension plan to replace the existing defined benefit plan, and to report back with a final plan for implementation.

•        Unanimous vote to sustain the County Executive’s veto of the adopted allocation of anticipated 2012 Community Development Block Grant funding.

•        6-12 (Yes: Bowen, Harris, Lipscomb, Mayo, Romo West, Weishan) to lay over (item laid over with a 1/3 minority rules vote) to committee the request for a leave of absence for Captain Nancy Evans from the Classified to the Unclassified Service.

•        6-12 (Yes: Broderick, Johnson, Jursik, Mayo, Romo West, Dimitrijevic) to lay over (item laid over with a 1/3 minority rules vote) the appointment of Mr. Patrick Farley to the position of Director of Administrative Services.

•        17-1 (No: Mayo) to implement an Employer Group Waiver Plan retiree medication strategy for 2013.

•        11-7 (No: Borkowski, Broderick, Harris, Mayo, Stamper, Weishan, Dimitrijevic) to approve J.P. Morgan Securities as lead book-running underwriter, Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets as co-senior managing underwriter, and Siebert Brandford Shank & Company as co-manager for the refunding of the 2009B Taxable Pension Notes.

•        17-1 (No: Weishan) to approve the merging the Committees on Finance & Audit and Personnel into a nine-member standing committee with two co-chairpersons to improve the efficiency of legislative oversight and to amend Milwaukee County General Ordinances to reflect this change.

•        14-4 (No: Alexander, Borkowski, Sanfelippo, Taylor) to approve an amended resolution establishing Milwaukee County policy with respect to honoring detainer requests from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security-Immigration and Customs Enforcement

•        15-2-1 (No: Borkowski, Sanfelippo; Abstain: Jursik) to approve a request that the County Board provide outside legal counsel, at County expense, to represent the Office of the Sheriff in all future legal matters.

•        13-5 (No: Bowen, Johnson, Lipscomb, Mayo, Weishan) to reaffirm and adopt the Audit of Parks Infrastructure status report from the Department of Audit.

•        17-1 (No: Weishan) to confirm Ms. Sue Black to the position of Director of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture.

•        15-3 (No: Mayo, Romo West, Weishan) to authorize the Public Art Program and Committee to be placed on official hiatus to last no longer than the duration of 2012, while the County Executive along with the Department of Administrative Services provide reports on how to successfully locate an adequate funding source that will allow for the program’s reactivation and continuity, as outlined in County Board policy.

•        17-1 (No: Weishan) to approve a resolution requesting an extension of the Lake Parkway (Highway 794) from Edgerton Avenue to Highway 100 be added to the regional transportation system plan by the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission and that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation then conduct necessary preliminary engineering and environmental impact studies for the project.

•        17-1 (No: Weishan) to appoint Ms. Patricia Yunk to the position of Assistant Director of Intergovernmental Relations for Milwaukee County.

•        16-2 (No: Borkowski, Sanfelippo) to apply for and accept Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant funds.

All other items on today’s agenda were approved with no objection.  The complete digest agenda from today’s meeting can be found on the County Legislative Information Center:

Today’s meeting was first regular meeting of the 2012-2016 term.  The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 28, 2012, at 9:30 a.m. in Room 200 of the Milwaukee County Courthouse. 

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