Rep. Christine Sinicki requests Governor Walker to veto entire Wisconsin 2011 biennial budget bill

June 25, 2011

Wisconsin 20th Assembly District Rep. Christine Sinicki wrote a letter to Governor Walker requesting that he veto the entire 2011 Biennial Budget Bill. She accuses him of bridging budget shortfalls by targeting the poor and vulnerable citizens of Wisconsin, which she describes as a “reverse Robin Hood policy.”  She cites cuts the UW System, and cuts to the Earned Income Tax Credit and Homestead Tax Credit.

The governor is scheduled to sign the budget bill somewhere in the Green Bay area this weekend. His office issued a statement addresses requests to veto portions of the budget bill:

We’ve received requests on all sorts of provisions in the budget, which have covered a wide range of issues. We have been contacted by between 15-20 GOP legislators and a decent number of Democrats as well. Issues have ranged from the property tax exemption for the press house to the modifications made to Wisconsin’s beer distribution laws. We’re continuing to evaluate these requests and will make any veto related announcements once decisions have been finalized.

Note: Rep. Sinicki’s office issued a correction to a footnoted citation in her letter.

These articles discuss the data referred to in the last part of letter, not the Wall St. Journal, as cited in the letter. The figure used is in a chart in the first article.






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