Now that the smoking ban is in effect, what do you think bars did with all of the ashtrays?

October 1, 2010

Interviews & Photos by Cara Slingerland

Joe Dembiec

They’re keeping them in back so when they repeal or whatever it they can use it again. Either that or they gave it to all of their customers and they took them home.”

—Joe Dembiec, E. Bennett Avenue

Sarah Holzum and Sava Parisi

Sarah: “They joined all their other friends in a landfill somewhere.”

Sava: “Really bad craft artwork.”

Sarah: “Oh, there you go, that’s a good one.”

—Sarah Holzum and Sava Parisi, S. Wentworth Avenue

Jason Loveall

“Well, there’s got to be some sort of a condemned dungeon for where the ashtrays need to live now. They’re shamed, they’ve been completely discredited. They used to be loved, so cherished. But now there’s just a dark space. You know every single bar, every single location has that deep dark corner of the dungeon, sort of where the moths live. I think the ashtrays must be making love to the moths.”

—Jason Loveall, Van Buren Street

Mario Malacara

“They probably still have them. They don’t know what to do with them, they just threw them away. Maybe aliens abducted them.”

—Mario Malacara, S. First Street

Ryan Pace

“Tough question. I’d say Bush is using them to store all the oil he’s got in a manifest in Texas somewhere. I dunno, does that work?”

—Ryan Pace, W. Highland Boulevard

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