“New Moon” casting update, “Twilight” DVD artwork revealed

January 7, 2009

© 2008 Summit Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.Actor Taylor Lautner will return to the “Twilight” film franchise to play Jacob Black, a principal character in “New Moon,” according to a statement released Jan. 7 by “New Moon” director Chris Weitz and “Twilight” saga author Stephenie Meyer.

In the joint statement posted on Meyer’s official website, Weitz addressed the recent speculation that Lautner would be replaced by a different actor.

“The characters in Stephenie’s books go through extraordinary changes of circumstance and also appearance; so it is not surprising that there has been speculation about whether the same actor would portray a character who changes in so many surprising ways throughout the series,” he said.

Meyer added, “I’m truly thrilled that Taylor was the one who proved to the director, to Summit, and to me that he is the best possible Jacob we could have.”

“New Moon” will begin filming in Canada early this year and is scheduled to be released in theaters in November 2009, according to Summit Entertainment.

The artwork for the forthcoming DVD release of “Twilight” was previewed this week. An exact release date for the DVD has not yet been announced, although various reports suggest that it will hit shelves sometime in March.

Matthew Sliker contributed to this report. Artwork © 2008 Summit Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

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3 Comments on "“New Moon” casting update, “Twilight” DVD artwork revealed"

  1. IntoxicatingScent Have You Found Yours? on Thu, 8th Jan 2009 5:55 pm 

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  2. kara on Fri, 9th Jan 2009 8:22 am 

    okay so maybe taylor isnt freakishly tall, and Robert Pattinson is (sorry fan girls even though i’m a girl) extremly ugly! obviously the cast isnt that great. however, Taylor did a better job in the ten minutes he had on screen than Robert Pattinson did in the whol movie all together! but…would Summit get rid of Robert? OF COURSE NOT!! Cause so many girls think he’s gorgeous!!

    Taylor is very much like Jacobs human side-happy, friendly, and has a “bubbly” personality! and come ON!! we at least have to give him a chance in New Moon, to see if he can act the part of a wolf. and as i said, Robert SUCKS as an actor but they wont get rid of him will they? Um…No! He’ll just continue to suck, and not even try to earn his part while Taylor is working his ass off trying to please fans by gaining muscle!

    give him a BREAK!! ecspicaly since our other option was copon! he might be an even worse actor than Robert!! and he’s very ugl which is NOT how Bella/Stepenie described him!!

    Taylor you rock!! you re the perfect Jacob and I stand behind you!!! =D

  3. rose anderson on Sun, 3rd May 2009 10:24 pm 

    i hope they let robert be in the rest of the movies becouse he is the best there is,and i love him,if he is not in the other 3 movies i will not bay the movie and i will not go see it ether,

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