New appliance rebate program

February 1, 2010

By Chris Sinicki, 20th District State Representative

Last year, the “Cash for Clunkers” program had people rushing to car lots to exchange their vehicles for more fuel-efficient versions. It was a program that helped families save money and supported American jobs at a critical time, all while doing something good for our environment.

Now, there’s a new program with a similar goal-only this time, we’re talking appliances instead of cars.

The federal government recently approved the Wisconsin State Energy-Efficient Appliance Rebate Program. The state was awarded nearly $5.5 million for consumer rebates, and cash-back rewards started Jan. 1.

This means that, if your family is in the market for a new furnace or boiler, you could qualify for a $200 rebate. You could also get a rebate of $100 for washers, $75 for refrigerators, and $25 for dishwashers. Several other appliances will qualify for cash-back rewards too, though clothes dryers and stoves won’t count because they aren’t Energy Star rated.

In order to get your rebate, you’ll need to fill out an application within 30 days of your purchase, attach a copy of your receipt and send those materials to the address on the application form. You should get a rebate check in the mail within six to eight weeks.

This new program will help you and your family make valuable improvements in your home. It will save you money when you buy your appliances, and also in the long run, as you save on energy bills. At the same time, “Cash for Appliances” will also boost retail sales, and in turn, support businesses and employees.

Since I took office last year, it’s been my top priority to set our state on a path to recovery and future success. If we’re going to build up this economy, we must support Wisconsin families, business owners, and workers. This rebate program will go a long way toward helping all three groups. Two hundred dollars off a furnace or $75 off a fridge means a lot to a family budget-and the collective benefit of this program could mean a lot for Wisconsin businesses and the state’s overall economic outlook. More program info at

Chris Sinicki is the state representative for Wisconsin’s 20th state Assembly District, which includes southern Bay View, St. Francis, Cudahy, the airport, and other parts of the south side. Her website is and she can be reached at (888) 534-0020 or

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