Much More Than Just What’s on Stage

July 25, 2008

By Claudia Reyes, 8th Grade

(Photo by Samantha Miller)Playing a role in my school’s production of Romeo & Juliet was a lot of fun. It brought a lot of new experiences, such as watching theater develop in our classroom. We had a stage in the middle of the classroom. The stage was definitely different and interesting. Mr. Gurgel, our teacher, was a foot taller! We had to really look up at him.

At first, the stage was merely a wooden platform. Then, slowly but surely it evolved into a stage. The stage crew added pillars and flats (scenery), then lights. Eventually, our classroom looked like a genuine theater. Each night before the show, students took the classroom desks out and carried in our “theater seating.”

As part of an eighth grade service group, I took part in baking treats for the intermission of the production. It took a fair amount of planning before we actually started baking. We had to figure out our menu, ingredients, and cost. Ten eighth grade students stayed after school the day before the first show and baked. While baking we learned how to be efficient and the importance of leaving the kitchen cleaner then we found it.

The night of the performance we set up the tables and treats in the library where they would be served. It was extremely rewarding to watch people enjoy something we created.

Reyes was a service committee member and part of the backstage crew.

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