If you could take Lady Gaga anywhere in Bay View, where would you take her?

August 29, 2010

Interviews & Photos by Michael Timm

Charles Lemiux

“Well, I don’t know. Honestly. Probably that restaurant down the block. I don’t know what it’s called [Honeypie].”
-Charles Lemiux, Linus Street

Rob Risch
“If I could take Lady Gaga anywhere in Bay View? Oh God, the Bronze Fonz-[that’s not in Bay View]. Oh, God, yeah, that’s right. I’m sorry. I don’t know much of Bay View. I’m from the East Side…we just came for the record store [Rush Mor Records]…(his friends from Green Bay chime in: “Take her to Pipe Dreams!”)…I guess I would take her to Blackbird. That’s my favorite bar around here. Yeah, I’d take her to Blackbird to meet Ashley. She’s the singer from Redneck Lottery.”
-Rob Risch, East Side

Jim Liedtke
“Ah, the community center down here [Beulah Brinton Community Center].”
-Jim Liedtke, N. 29th Street

Scott Starr and Peter Driscoll
Scott: “I’d take her in here [Rev Pop] to record a song.”
Pete: “Ah, McDonald’s [laughs]…Honeypie [instead].”
Scott: “We’ll go record a CD at Rev Pop, then go to Honeypie for lunch-because it would be done in an hour or so [laughs].”
-Scott Starr, Howell Avenue (right), and Pete Driscoll, Waukesha

Steve Wraskowski and Lori McGrath
Lori: “I don’t like her [laughs].”
Steve: “I don’t know. The ice cream parlor over there [Babe’s] or Stone Creek Coffee? I don’t know. ‘Cauz she says she’s celibate, she doesn’t want to-”
Lori: “I’d take her to Maritime Savings Bank [laughs].”
Steve: “Stone Creek Coffee. Stone Creek Coffee. Otherwise, there’s Rush Mor over there, see if she’s got her album in there. But those are resale, so I don’t know. I feel there’s a lot to do, but-Oh, the Alchemist Theatre. Alchemist Theatre. Bay View Library.”
-Steve Wrzaskowski, Second Street, and Lori McGrath, West Allis

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