Howard Avenue Expansion May Encompass Dover Street School

January 7, 2017

On Dec. 8, the Milwaukee School Board of Directors took action to expand the Howard Avenue school community to include the former Dover Street School site. This additional space at Dover would give the school an opportunity to develop an expansion plan to ensure students have the learning environment they need, said Carol Voss, District 8 MPS School Board Director. Because Howard’s program only serves children from K3 to Grade 3, parents have been frustrated when seeking Grade 4 seats in a Montessori program because there are not enough to accommodate demand. The proposed expansion to a second campus at Dover would allow Howard to extend its program to Grade 8.

On Thursday, Dec. 22, the Milwaukee Board of School Directors will vote on a proposal to direct the administration to develop the final scope and cost estimates for the expansion of Howard Avenue Montessori and to take all the steps necessary to begin the expansion in fall 2017.

If approved, the principal and district officials would work collaboratively with Howard Avenue Montessori parents to develop the specifics of the expansion plan. MPS will schedule a number of meetings to provide parents with opportunities to offer feedback, Voss said.

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