LETTER — Help the Bay View Area Redcats 

March 2, 2015

Bay View Areas Redcats Youth Sports is a youth sports organization open to children in K-8. We need financial assistance tremendously or James Swanagan, the president fears that he will have to close his doors.

This nonprofit organization has been around for over 60 years getting youth involved in baseball, football, and cheerleading and the last thing we need in our community in today’s society is to close the doors on our youth, our future.

Our organization’s motto is “Keep ’Em in Sports, Out of the Courts,” and at this time we have committed volunteers who take time out to keep this program going everyday but we are still in need of volunteers every season to serve as coaches, work with concessions, and become members of the parent committee.

We are looking for sponsorships and donations from local businesses and individuals that want to help keep our youth active in sports so we can keep this nonprofit organization moving forward.

Currently we are getting the board and parent committee together to launch a new and improved organization which will become more involved in the community by bringing the kids in the programs out to the local community events to help volunteer so they can give back to all those who helped them out and kept the program alive.

We have an upcoming silent auction and raffle launch party that will be in March. We look forward to becoming more than just a business in the area but a family to the community of Bay View.

Corina Buck

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2 Comments on "LETTER — Help the Bay View Area Redcats "

  1. Patti Branske on Wed, 22nd Apr 2015 10:05 pm 

    They had a chance to be involved in a number of community associations, Ron Bird founder of BVAR is still involved as an individual in hopes that this organization would follow. The treasurer claims he runs a multi million dollar business and claims it’s so easy to run a non profit. Well as he can see now it is not so easy. Old fashioned beliefs is what made that organization great for over 50 years. Hard work and complete dedication is another, none of which is there now. How very sad.

  2. Lori chybowski on Sat, 25th Apr 2015 11:50 am 

    I watched this program grow for forty + years.It makes me said to here what is going on.I have come to here that people don’t want to join cause of the price. I remember at one time…. It didn’t have to do with money .If you wanted to play you played “simple”. That was coach Bird!!! Everyone plays no matter what. My moto is” if it wasn’t broke don’t fix it and if you try to fix it and you can’t then let it go it wasn’t meant to be fixed..

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