Headlines You Missed

April 1, 2018

Headlines You Missed 

Stormy Daniels Tempest In Teapot Upgraded to Tropical Storm in Teapot

Wind Energy Generated by White House Revolving Door Elicits Jimmy Carter Thumbs Up

KK Avenue BID #44 Listed On eBay, No Bids Yet

Bay View Feels Steel, Aluminum Tariff Pain: Missing Art Stop “E” Replaced By More Affordable Tag Board “E”

Walker To Rename State Wisfoxconnsin

Trolley Blamed For 2018 Frolics Cancelation 

Kohler Eyes South Shore Park For Next Private Golf Course

Prius Lady Disguise Foiled: Resident Spots Her In
Purple 1974 Gremlin

Milwaukee Vote Will Determine How Jones Island Malodorous Emissions To Be Masked

Guitarist Outraged By New Accordion Inventory At
Top Shelf Guitar

Identity Thief Discovers He’s Richer Than Victim

Macaroni Salad Returned To Rightful Owner

Russian Counterfeit Plastic Showing Up On
Lake Michigan Shores

Four Scents Vie for Winning Jones Island Cover-Up Scent: Beer, Whiskey, Chocolate, Organic Lavender

New Local History Book Features Decade Long
Frolics War

2018 Goosefest Canceled: Enough Goose-Stepping These Days, Organizers Say

Wisconsin Democratic Primary Debate Moved To Lambeau Field After 46th Candidate Declares Gubernatorial Candidacy

Bay View Green Space Across From Park Next To Other Park To Become Newest City Park 

Ballot Typo Mishap; Milwaukee Accidentally Votes
Itself Sanctimonious City

One-Armed Sushi Lover Tragically Discovers Hungry Sumo Not Metaphorical

The Crumb and Morsel Micro-Plate Restaurant Opens
In Former DeMarinis

Woman Posts “Lost Cat” on Facebook, Man Posts “Found Cat” on NextDoor; Auteur To Pen Rom-Com 

Local ABC Affiliate Launches 47-Part Investigation:
Who Parked In Front Of My Carriage Walk?

Civil Unrest In Bay View As Residents’ Anger Boils Over: Trolley v Streetcar; Apartment v Condo 

Bay View Solves Parking Problem: Pot Holes Now Feature Underground Parking

Beloved Crabby’s Venue Renamed Oscar The Grouch
Bar & Grille By New Rapscallion Owners

Trump Denies Witness Claim He Ran Golf Cart Into Tree, Tweets NO COLLISION !

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