Have you heard about Alterra’s proposed Bay View (bakery & café) project?… What do you think?

May 1, 2010

Interviews & Photos by Michael Timm (conducted April 26, 2010)

Michael Jarozewski

“I hadn’t heard of it…Where the Maritime Bank was? I never heard about that going on. There’s not enough exposure about that going on, on the south side. Big corporations just take over anything they want.”

-Michael Jarozewski, 11th & Lincoln

Jodie Hansen

“Yeah…I think we have enough coffee shops. I mean, I really like Alterra but I’m not sure that this would be the best location for it because we already have two right on the same corners.”

-Jodie Hansen, Howell Avenue

Jerry Love

They should build over the parking lot a structure, right here; tear down this here building right here [former Pandora/Magnum]; and then make it a café in back and a bakery in front, right where this building right here is supposed to come down, in the back of this Maritime Savings Bank, this here [front of Maritime along Lincoln], a pharmacy right here.”

-Jerry Love, Lincoln & Howell

Brennan Stehling

“Actually, I attended the session [April 12]…I actually am a regular here at the Wild Flour, and I plan on staying a regular. I think it’s great that they’re going to move in because I’ve seen what they did at the lakefront and at Humboldt, where I live near. It’s just drawn activity to the neighborhood, so it only seems to help the neighborhood. Some people are bothered by the financial scenario, but I think they’ll be able to pay back the loan no problem, so I think it’s generally a positive.”

-Brennan Stehling, Commerce Street (works in an office in Bay View’s King Building)

Vinko Smolcic

“No, I’ve not heard about it…Oh, over there on the corner? Yeah, I think that could be put to a bakery over there. Yeah.”

-Vinko Smolcic, West Allis

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One Comment on "Have you heard about Alterra’s proposed Bay View (bakery & café) project?… What do you think?"

  1. Straybe on Mon, 3rd May 2010 4:29 pm 

    The first guy cracks me up. He’s wearing a jacked covered in corporate logos and complains about big corporations (Alterra???) taking over.

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