Hamburger Mary’s—a carnivore’s perspective

April 2, 2012

By Peter Lameka

I met three friends at Hamburger Mary’s around 6:30pm recently. Our ages ranged from 27 to 52. We went to sample the burgers to add a carnivore’s perspective to the this publication’s Hamburger Mary’s restaurant review.

The menu states that the burgers are made of 100% natural “humane” Angus. The owners put the quotes around “humane.” Not me. I didn’t ask what that meant.

I ordered the Sloppy Mary and was happily surprised by the burger, and the chili too. Both were great. The burger was perfectly done, medium; the chili was nicely spiced and not too salty. I didn’t think I would be able to eat the whole thing, but I did. I had a side of coleslaw that smacked of the mass produced. It didn’t hold up to the quality of the burger and chili. Rating: 8 (for burger and chili).

One of my companions ordered the Barbara-Q Bacon Chzburger. It comes with onion rings piled on the sandwich, plus barbeque sauce, cheddar and jack cheese. “The barbeque sauce had just the right amount of sweetness. The onion rings could have been a little crisper, but were still decent. The fries were average,” she wrote via email after she got home. Rating: 9.

Another of my companions ordered the Buffy (The Vampire Slayer) that is topped with a red wine sauce, Swiss cheese, and a lot of aioli sauce (garlic mayonnaise) served on a garlic toasted bun. She was a bit wary of the garlic but ordered it anyway. “It’s not too garlicky!” she yelled gleefully, above the too loud music, after the first bite. Rating: 8

The sliders were very ordinary. Rating: 2

The service didn’t hold up to the burgers. I am willing to give anyone a must-be-having-a-bad-day pass, but our service was dismal. When I ordered a beer that was listed on the menu, our waiter challenged me. He didn’t recognize it and tried to tell me they didn’t stock it. Ironically, not only was it on the menu, but it’s brewed about a mile away from the restaurant. After the food arrived, the waiter disappeared. Two requests for a glass of water were ignored. Like I said, he must have been having a bad day, or maybe he was new.

The crowd was a mix of adults of all ages, and children.

A boost in service will put Hamburger Mary’s on the map. And we all agreed we’d go back. We liked our burgers.

Also, the recycled/recyclable paper take-home container was an instant hit.

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