Give Me An E!

April 1, 2018

The effects of the steel and aluminum price hike in the wake of Trump-mandated tariffs are already being felt in Bay View. After vandals removed an “E” from Art Stop’s south wall, the KK Avenue BID Streetscape Committee voted to replace it with a more affordable tag board “E.” Great care was taken to seal the replacement vowel with glitter-suffused gold paint. “Regrettably,” said committee chair Miela Venuta, “the Gorilla Glue Stick adhesive was not strong enough to hold the new “E” in place. Six days after it was installed, our new “E” tumbled to the pavement below.” The committee has issued a request for proposal seeking an affordable solution that would more permanently attach the “E” to the concrete wall.

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One Comment on "Give Me An E!"

  1. Mary Grace on Mon, 2nd Apr 2018 2:07 pm 

    If I could get the address for this (or the committee), I’d love to send some Gorilla Construction Adhesive, which should be the best adhesive for this application.
    -The Gorilla Glue Company

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