From 8-Track Greek Pizza to Root Beer Floats, Hi-Fi Café offers delicious dining scene

September 1, 2011

By Linda Fausel

A gooey garden medley at Hi-Fi Café. ~photo Sandy Dean


Plastic, sparkly silver window art sways to the late afternoon breeze blowing through the open door at Bay View’s Hi-Fi Café. Time doesn’t stand still here, but it appears to wane amid the Formica®  tabletops, magazines, oversized plastic serving ware, ceramic ashtrays, and old records. With a fan circling lazily overhead, and the oddly familiar, mix-matched furniture, Hi-Fi feels like that neighborhood place from childhood, the one where you left your library book—or a stranger would front you 35 cents.

A few dimes and a nickel won’t buy much these days. But at Hi-Fi, sandwiches—comfort cuisine right along with the trendy fodder—are under $10, so your change still goes pretty far. (The most expensive breakfast item, for example, is Eggs Benedict at $8). While you won’t find French fries, garlic mashed potatoes are listed on the menu under “Snacks.” (They also come with some sandwiches). Like the pizza sauce, the potatoes are “homemade,” and can be ordered with cheddar, bacon, or sour cream hollandaise sauce.

With a wide variety of meat and vegetarian options, breakfast items, soups, and salads (including Japanese Ginger Salad) it would be difficult not to find something appealing and reasonably priced at Hi-Fi Café.

Beverages include locally-brewed beer, teas, specialty drinks (Rose Water Lemonade), and coffees (Turkish Espresso), and even a Sprecher root beer float.

On a recent visit, the Toasty Veggie Baguette ($8) was tasty, but it arrived sans baguette(!), instead gently blended with dill and melted on a soft, white flour pita. Creamy Havarti cheese (brushed with mayo and Dijon mustard) was smothered under ripened summer jewels: green pepper, slivers of red onion, skinny-sliced cucumber, baby spinach, topped by crunchy sprouts and ruby tomatoes. It came with a generous portion of locally-baked, crispy-thick, golden “El Sol” tortilla chips. The Butter Cup ($3.75)—espresso, steamed milk, chocolate syrup, and peanut butter (delicious!)—doubled as both beverage and dessert.

A button at the Hi-Fi counter leaves the customer with this playful admonition: “God knows when you don’t tip.”

Hi-Fi is updating its menu. The prices in this article were accurate at press time but are subject to change.

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Hi-Fi Café

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(414) 486-0504

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One Comment on "From 8-Track Greek Pizza to Root Beer Floats, Hi-Fi Café offers delicious dining scene"

  1. Brian VK on Tue, 13th Sep 2011 9:48 am 

    Thanks for sharing this quick spot about Hi-Fi. Along with Rushmor, Hi-Fi is an original Bay View renaissance institution and owned by one of the nicest proprietors I’ve ever met. Not to mention the unique house coffee, cool atmosphere, excellent food and encyclopedic coverage of current indie event flyers.
    Here’s to another 20 years of Hi-Fi success.

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