Does your employer recycle and if so what?

April 1, 2010

Interviews & Photos by Michael Timm

Barb Koenig and Janet Kujawa

“I work for MPS and so the kids in our school [Hamilton] are just starting a recycling program. We used to have one. And we will be recycling mostly paper and plastic bottles.” -Barb Koenig, Linebarger Terrace (right)

Greg Pekel

“He recycles paper. We’re a sales office so we really don’t have much disposable goods. It’s pretty much just paper, but we do recycle paper.” -Greg Pekel, Muskego

Joe Zilinski

“Yes we do. Basically we recycle everything. I work for a millwork company. We recycle wood. We recycle all our cardboard, paper, everything.” -Joe Zilinski

Jonathan Winkle and Elizabeth Warne

“My employer? Yes. Paper and plastic materials.” -Jonathan Winkle, Illinois Avenue

“I’m self-employed, so yes, I recycle.”  -Elizabeth Warne, Illinois Avenue

Carrie Bickerstaff

“No, we don’t recycle in my building right now, which seems really old-fashioned, but we’re moving into a new building in August and we’ll have recycling there, so that’s good.” -Carrie Bickerstaff, S. Eighth Street

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  1. Hadi Stambouliah on Sun, 23rd May 2010 8:26 pm 

    I would like to make contact with Joe Zilinski from the Millwork Comany. Please provide contact details.

    Thank you.

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