Compost Crusader Awarded City Contract

August 18, 2016

The contract for Milwaukee’s one-year curbside compost collection program was awarded to Compost Crusader, LLC.

District 14 Ald. Tony Zielinski said Compost Crusader owner Melissa Tashjian, was the winning contractor.

A Department of Public Works official said two contractors bid for the contract was less than $50,000.
DPW is still working out details of the pilot including the monthly fee that will be charged participating households.

“The program is entirely voluntary,” Zielinski said. Those who choose to participate will pay a monthly service fee for the program.

When a minimum of 100 residents sign up for the program, the program will roll out and a compost collection cart would be delivered to each participant’s home.

Zielinski was the lead sponsor of the legislation authorizing the pilot that he originally planned solely for his district that includes Bay View, but District 3 was added when Ald. Nik Kovac requested his district’s inclusion.

Sign-up will begin in September, Zielinski said. Information about pick-up dates, the cost of the program, the type of bins, and other  details will be announced at that time.

“I believe composting will one day be as common as recycling,” Zielinski said.



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