Articles by Trowbridge students

November 25, 2008

Kids in school lab Introduction
By Laura Schultz, Grade 8

Last school year, Trowbridge School began an emphasis on water studies. It started when teachers, parents, and community members got together before the school year began. They looked at the needs of our neighborhood. They realized that Lake Michigan was our biggest neighbor by far. They also had the vision that the students would benefit from intensive study about Lake Michigan, the Great Lakes, and water studies in general. We found community partners that would assist us in learning more about water. As the year continued several teachers took classes at UWM so they would have current knowledge about the impact of pollutants and toxins found in lakes. Our eighth grade class then conducted experiments about the effect of lead on fish. Each classroom participated in learning about water studies through guest speakers, field trips, and experiments. »Read more

Across the Line

September 27, 2008

By Katlyn Putney, St. Thomas More High School

I remember the day perfectly. I had just come home from a quick morning sail on the Gulf of Mexico. On my yellow Laser Radial, I had sailed from Fort Meyers Beach over to the bridge that goes across to Sanibel Island. My 15-year-old body handled the seven-knot winds easily. The sky was a bright blue and the sunshine beat down on my tan arms and legs. My wet and salty shoulder-length brown hair cooled my head in the heat. I even saw a few dolphins swimming under the bridge. It was the perfect day. »Read more

St. Lucas Roundtable Theater

July 25, 2008

(Photo by Rosie Jankiewicz)Almost half the fifth through eighth grade students of St. Lucas participated in Romeo & Juliet as actors, backstage crew, or event hosts. The St. Lucas Roundtable exists to introduce students to theater, to appreciate the beautiful language of Shakespeare and other playwrights, to grow in confidence in public speaking, and to challenge each student to grow academically, socially, and spiritually. Next year’s show will be William Shakespeare’s comedy Twelfth Night, tentatively scheduled for Nov. 13-14 at 6:30pm. »Read more

The Process Involves Practice

July 25, 2008

By Eli Midthun, 6th Grade

William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet was definitely an experience that will help me throughout my life. The first day we gathered in a classroom, went over the expectations and schedule, and then decided whether or not to commit to the play. For the first two weeks we watched a movie version of the play and listened to a CD of Shakespearean actors to better understand the characters and the play. Once we were done with the movie and CD, we had auditions. Then we decided what we would cut from Romeo & Juliet because we were trying to keep the show around two hours. »Read more

Much More Than Just What’s on Stage

July 25, 2008

By Claudia Reyes, 8th Grade

(Photo by Samantha Miller)Playing a role in my school’s production of Romeo & Juliet was a lot of fun. It brought a lot of new experiences, such as watching theater develop in our classroom. We had a stage in the middle of the classroom. The stage was definitely different and interesting. Mr. Gurgel, our teacher, was a foot taller! We had to really look up at him.

At first, the stage was merely a wooden platform. Then, slowly but surely it evolved into a stage. The stage crew added pillars and flats (scenery), then lights. Eventually, our classroom looked like a genuine theater. Each night before the show, students took the classroom desks out and carried in our “theater seating.” »Read more

All the Classroom’s a Stage

July 25, 2008

By Ashley LeRay, 8th Grade

(Photo by Rosie Jankiewicz)Have you ever heard the saying “All the world’s a stage”?

Well, the eighth grade class sure did as we transformed our classroom into a stage for the St. Lucas Roundtable’s production of Romeo & Juliet last fall. The stage took a week to construct but the preparation for the actual production took about three months.

Along the way, many of us learned new aspects about the world of acting, including blocking (stage directions) and auditions. Playing Juliet was a lot of work but also really fun because I got to hang out with my friends after school and began to know other students better. »Read more