Ahoy! November 2008

November 5, 2008

By Katherine Keller, Publisher & Editor

This issue marks the beginning of the fifth publication year of the Compass. This month marks our last month in the King Building on Kinnickinnic. The next issue will be produced in our new space in the Hide House.

I’m keenly looking forward to the new locale because there is a little village of artists and small business people in the formidable old structure on Bay View’s west side that I think will inform and edify. I’ll miss John and Angie, the King Building’s guardian angels, Prime Cut’s Deb Magolan, who moved into the old Bay View Barber a block north on KK, and the proximity to the people and activities on Bay View’s “Main Street” but frankly, it will be really good no longer being assailed by the ear-piercing, nerve-jangling ambulance sirens that figure largely on KK’s aural landscape. »Read more

Ahoy! August 2008

July 25, 2008

By Katherine Keller, Publisher & Editor

Shiver me timbers! Our website is poised to launch tomorrow. You will find it at BayViewCompass.com. See, pigs do fly and snowballs reside in…that hot place.

One of the realities of being a micro-business and independent newspaper, especially a new one with a shoestring (but dreaming of Velcro) budget, is finding the do-re-mi to create in the real world what lives so vividly in dream and imagination—or more practically, to buy enough paper and pay contributors, to publish as much information as we’d like, or as broadly or as frequently as we wish. The new website will provide some relief for the overflow, and give us the ability to publish and update news and stories between issues. »Read more

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