BV BUD Completes First New Mural

April 1, 2017

Irene Elkhälter

Work represents local artist Jimmy Von Waukesha’s first public art project

Bay View BUD (Beautifully Uplifting District) announced the completion of its premier mural.

The mural project is one of the efforts of the BV BUD Initiative whose goals are to stimulate beauty in public places and spaces in Bay View, with an emphasis on the beautification of commercial buildings.

The first mural was completed in late March. When BV BUD committee members looked for “big canvases” that would serve as mural sites, they were delighted when they discovered the new Restaurant Citadel building on the southwest corner of Becher and Chase on Bay View’s northwest side. The building, which has no windows, will replace the company’s former location, 5250 S. 6th St.  BV BUD deemed the new building “perfect!”

“Big open walls unencumbered by windows and signage. That’s what the Restaurant Citadel building offered — absolute perfection, as far as perfect sites go,” said Wilhelmina Doile, BV BUD’s committee chair. “The owner generously offered us the building’s walls carte blanche. He was delighted in anticipation of the extra attention the new mural will bring to his building.”

“It didn’t cost me a dime,” exclaimed Phil A. Minyawn, Restaurant Citadel’s acquisition and development director. “All they asked of me was a promise not to add windows to the walls that house the mural and to permit touch-ups when the paint begins to fade and peel. Awesome! I mean, totally win/win. BV BUD is phenomenal, a real asset to the Bay View community.”

Restaurant Citadel’s corporate headquarters are located in Atlanta, Ga.

BV BUD members decided to wrap the mural on two faces of the building, on the north and east elevations. A pastoral-themed subject was selected for the Restaurant Citadel mural because the business serves restaurateurs and other food service/hospitality professionals.

Additionally, the bleak industrial site was deemed a perfect choice for the BV BUD’s first mural, whose mission is to beautifully uplift through art.

The artist’s proposal stated the mural subject was an allusion to the forest (as nature’s original garden) and to the cows (who for ages have nourished humans with milk and its byproducts). The food tie-in is what caused committee members to choose local artist Jimmy Von Waukesha’s submission.

“I would like to thank the nice folks at BV BUD for selecting me to make the first BV BUD mural.

“It was gratifying to paint over the most mundane of mundane buildings in Bay View.

“The mural subject I chose was inspired by my summers in Oostburg in my studio by the lake. There, pesky Holsteins always manage to sneak into my yard and eat my grandmother’s heirloom dahlias. Also, I wanted to bring a little bit of the country to beautiful Bay View,” Von Waukesha said.

The new Restaurant Citadel (still under construction at the end of March) drew the attention of BV BUD’s committee members when they were looking for buildings with exterior walls that offered “great canvases” for murals. Additionally, buildings situated on busy thoroughfares were sought. The Restaurant Citadel, located on the sourthwest corner of Becher Street and Chase Avenue, with its vast white windowless walls, was deemed ideal in every way by BV BUD’s committee members. The mural project cost $18,065. PHOTO Irenke Elkhälter

Von Waukesha wrote software that was used to guide robotic drones that deployed high-tech aerosol paint applicators to render the mural.

BV BUD will shortly announce the next five mural sites as well as the artists who were chosen to create them.

District 14 Alderman Tony Zielinski was prohibited from participating in the selection of sites, artists, or subjects/proposals for the mural project based on past public art selections for which he was responsible. Bay View is in Zielinski’s district.

The vote to exclude him was 110 percent to zero percent in favor of blocking his membership on the selection committee.

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