Bay View’s bookbindery will soon close, but here is their profile

September 1, 2011

Brother and sister Bob Hertzberg and Nancy Mack pose by the mountain of paste in their bindery at 347 E. Ward St. since 1974. They plan to close the business and retire at the end of 2011. ~photo Michael Timm

1. What sorts of publications do you bind at Wisconsin Book Bindery? For whom?

All kinds of books, periodicals, Bibles.

 2. For whom?

We’ve done newspapers for schools. We’ve bound material for businesses; professionals, like doctors; and individuals, including students publishing their thesis. We also have rebound many textbooks for suburban schools.

 3. What types of book stock do you bind? Hardcover, paperback?

We do hardcover binding.

 4. What types of bindings do you do?

Nearly everything is oversewn. Some items need to be hand-sewn due to size.

5. Do you do any cloth binding? Leather?

We used to use leather. Recently, though, it has been imitation leather and a material called buckram. Our family business actually has an antecedent in Chicago, Arthur Hertzberg & Craftsmen, which bound leather books and crafted other leather objects like wastepaper baskets.

6. How many employees do you have?

Three part-time. At one point we had 12 working for us.

7. When and where did you start your business? How did you select your location?

My father started in 1957 at 229 E. Mineral St. in Milwaukee. My sister and I are fourth-generation. In 1974 we moved to 347 E. Ward St.

8. What impact have you felt from ebooks and electronic publishing?

It has been devastating and is one of the many reasons we are closing. We’re referring clients to the family-operated Grimm Book Bindery in Madison.

9. Why did you decide to open a bookbindery?

My family has been involved for years. In 1957 my father came up from Chicago to start Wisconsin Book Bindery.

10. Do you work directly with individuals who might want to bind a family history in a press run of 100 books or less?

Yes, we have done many family histories.

Wisconsin Book Bindery, Inc.

Nancy Mack

347 E. Ward St.

(414) 482-3630

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