Bay View Car-jacking Suspects Arrested

September 1, 2016

Police arrested three suspects in connection with an armed car-jacking on S. Greeley Street and E. Dover Avenue August 15 at 5:55am. Two more suspects were arrested for two car-jackings on August 23, one near E. Rosedale Avenue and Burrell Street and another, about 20 minutes later, at 9:30pm. In each instance the car-jacking was at gunpoint, although the gun recovered by police in the August 23 incident was a BB gun. None of the victims were harmed.

District 14 Ald. Tony Zielinski said, “There are car-jackings all over the city. The number of car-jackings in Bay View is minuscule. Once word gets out that the police have made arrests for those in our area, the numbers will drop even more. The cops are successful in Bay View because residents are so active working with them,” he said.

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