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June 5, 2014

By Monica Maniaci

CREDIT Monica Maniaci

CREDIT Monica Maniaci

Frozen yogurt shops seem to be popping up everywhere. Contributing to the trend is Cream City Swirl, 2663 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., which opened its doors Easter weekend.

Cream City Swirl offers gelato, crepes, and weigh-and-pay frozen yogurt. It also serves Stone Creek Coffee. Although we skipped the coffee, my family and I stopped in one evening and tried all three desserts.

The gelato is from La Coppa Gelato, a local business in Brookfield, Wis. Cream City Swirl offers six flavors. We sampled the Merlot, which tasted amazingly just like the wine; Chili Chocolate, which had a robust chocolate flavor followed by an intense kick of heat; and Peanut Butter Cup, which tasted just like its name. We decided to order a single scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip ($3.95), which had a strong and satisfying mint flavor.

Next we tried a couple of crepes. First we tried the Love Capone ($6.50), which was filled with mixed berries, mascarpone cheese, and white chocolate drizzle. It was fantastic. The crepe itself was perfectly cooked, light and little crispy around the edges. It was abundantly stuffed, not too sweet, and not too big.

We ordered the KK Classic Crepe next ($3.50), which was filled with lemon juice, sugar, and butter. It was flakey around the edges and soft in the middle, and the lemon and the butter blend was succulent.

Next, my daughters shared a bowl of weigh-and-pay frozen yogurt. There are four self-serve frozen yogurt machines to choose from, each with three different flavors of frozen yogurt. Customers can make a number of choices and combinations. For example, my daughters chose Strawberry Cheesecake Supreme, which was a swirl of Strawberry Frozen Yogurt and Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt. I tried it and thought it was very tasty. My daughters couldn’t get enough!

With flavors such as Birthday Cake, Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Cupcake, and Blueberries and Cream, it was hard for them to decide on just one. Luckily, Cream City Swirl has tiny paper cups available for samples.

After they filled their bowl with frozen yogurt, they headed for the toppings. The day we were there, we counted 29 different toppings. They could have chosen Reese’s Pieces, Mini Malted Milk Balls, Caramel Cups, Snickers Pieces, Gummie Cubs, Mochi Rice Cake, Cookie Dough, Fresh Blackberries, Fresh Blueberries, S’mores Pieces, or Birthday Cake Pieces, but they took it easy with a large spoonful of Rainbow Sprinkles and Mini M&Ms.

After they chose their toppings, they went to the counter to pay. They put their cup of frozen yogurt on the scale and the employees weighed it. At 47 cents per ounce, the price was just over $4.

The employees were helpful, fun, and kind. Customers seemed satisfied, and were coming in one after the other. The décor is inviting. It is clean and simple, and the space is bright and open. Mirrors hang on the ceiling, adding interest and visual appeal.

It’s safe to say that Cream City Swirl is another nice addition to the neighborhood!

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