Art Stop Replacement To Provide Respite

April 1, 2018

—Rendering Jef Raasch

An idyllic greenspace will offer shade and the comforting sound of plashing water cascading in a three-tiered fountain on the triangle of land formed by the intersections of Kinnickinnic, Lincoln, and Howell avenues. In summer, bus riders waiting to transfer at the busy Milwaukee County Transit System bus stop will be able to sit on the rim of the fountain and cool their burning feet in its chilled, crystalline water and bask in the shade of live oak trees (Quercus virginiana). During the colder months, the heated fountain pedestal and tiers will flow with piping-hot hot chocolate, powered by solar and wind energy.

This preliminary rendering illustrates the green, natural design that will replace the former Art Stop Bus Stop in the triangle formed by Kinnickinnic, Lincoln, and Howell avenues. The fountain will be the prominent feature of the north end of the triangle. An innovative bus shelter will be installed at the south end of the triangle to provide state-of-the art four season protection for those waiting for a bus. The new design is provisionally being called Garden Triangle Bus Stop. The garden and fountain elements were inspired by Stone Creek Coffee’s landscaping design. Stone Creek is located on the opposite side of Kinnickinnic, directly east of the triangle.

Inspired by the garden squares of Savannah, Ga., Bay View-based landscape architect Pierre-Joseph Redouté will create an environment to revive and protect bus riders and others, who wish to kick back in the minute pocket park. Under the direction of Sig Strautmanis, students from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning will design a state-of-the-art bus shelter to provide riders with year-round protection from the elements. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee engineering students will design a white-noise producing audio component to neutralize traffic noise.

The project will be fully funded by twin grants from the Steven P. Jobs Tree of Knowledge Foundation and the Steven P. Jobs Dent in the Universe Foundation.

City officials anticipate the project will be completed by September 2018.

—Irenke Elkhälter

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