Appetizer enigma at Lulu’s

July 31, 2011

By Linda Fausel, Photos by Sandy Dean

Chips vs. Slaw

The Contenders:

Asian Slaw
Red and green cabbage and carrot chopped wispy thin, delicate ramen noodles integrated with tiny bits of scallion and savory peanuts, infused with rice-wine vinegar and sesame oil—wholesome, aesthetically-appealing goodness in a sweet little dish for $2.50.

Potato Chips

Thicker than average, beautifully-browned, jumbo-sized sliced spud, a satisfying crunch of decadent potato pleasure for $2. Dip in ketchup, or bleu cheese for $.50 extra.

Both appetizers have strong followings, according to the waitress, and many customers order one-half of each to avoid choosing.

Which do you prefer, chips or slaw?

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