Anodyne Coffee

September 2, 2012

Matt McClutchy —photo Joel Jaecks

1. Why coffee? How/when did you develop the passion for it?

Growing up, coffee was a ceremony in our house. Watching the routine every morning was a comfort I only understood later. Then the coffee business found me and I was in for good.

2. How did you get started in the roasting business? Café part of the business?
Post college, I worked several jobs. I worked as a TV production camera operator, I kneaded bread dough at a bakery, I worked at the two best movie theatres in town, and I worked for a local coffee roastery. Coffee stuck and I bought my own shop a few years later.

3. Have you visited coffee growers? If so, where?
We have been fortunate to travel to Guatemala a couple times and El Salvador, with more trips in the works.

4. How do you do it all—roast, distribute, operate the café, run the business?
I have the greatest and best staff in the world!

5. What is the most challenging aspect of your business?
Finding the greatest and best staff in the world!

6. The most rewarding?
Seeing the neighborhood come together in the café is great. It gives my kids a sense of what a great community we are a part of.

7. What would make Bay View’s business district better for you?
A bike lane over the Hoan Bridge would make the district better.

8. What is the best thing Bay View’s business district has going for itself?
I think the lack of big chains in Bay View is refreshing and reflects the loyalty of the population in supporting locally owned businesses.

9. What made you decide to plant a sidewalk garden next to the café? What do you grow in it?
This year my wife planted tomatoes, peppers, fennel, and beans. She’s a farm girl stuck in a big city with an eye on the apocalypse.

10. What is your favorite bean or brew?
We have a coffee from Papua, New Guinea, grown on a farm that is cooperatively owned by the area’s traditional landowners, mainly people from the Opais tribe. What else do we get here in Milwaukee that comes from the Wahgi Valley in the highlands of New Guinea? How cool is that?

Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co.
Matthew McClutchy, Owner
Established August 16, 1999
2920 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue
(414) 489-0765 + Facebook


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