Andy Reid and Jamie Beauchamp’s Halloween House Extravaganza

November 3, 2018

By Katherine Keller

For the past 15 years, or so, Andy Reid and Jamie Beauchamp have decorated their home’s exterior, 2943 S. Clement Ave., to celebrate Halloween. Photo Tom Grimm

Cars cruise and pause. Buses slow down to give their riders a gander. Grandparents approach with a child or two in hand.

Everyone wants to get a look at the spooky house on Clement Avenue between Dakota and Idaho. They wait each fall for Any Reid and Jamie Beauchamp to debut their annual Halloween tableau, a spectacle that engulfs their front yard and home’s façade. This year the theme is Jaimer’s Little House of Horrors.

For the past 15 years, or so, the couple has decorated their home’s exterior to celebrate a favorite holiday.

As a child in Powers, Mich., Beauchamp was in charge of putting up Halloween decorations at his parents’ home as soon as he was old enough for the task.

Reid, who has lived most of his life in Bay View, waited each year to come home from school to find that his mother had hung letters in the big front picture window that spelled Happy Halloween. He loved the holiday that he found “a little bit spooky and a little bit fun.”

The couple designs, constructs, and paints the tableau and characters, benefiting from skills they picked up in shop and home ec classes in high school — and pay for the materials themselves. They picked up the vintage dentist appliance on Craig’s list.

This year they estimate they spent about $2,000 for lumber, glue, fabric, and hardware. And candy, lots of it. 

They start construction in August working on their days off and for three to four hours after work. Things mostly go smoothly but there are times when they disagree. “Are you kidding?” said Reid, “We’re an old married couple!”

“Sometimes there’s a little storming off,” laughed Jamie.

Jaimer’s Little House of Horrors was the 2018 theme for Andy Reid and Jamie Beauchamp’s Halloween House. Photo Katherine Keller

Next year, they will seek sponsors to cover or defray their expenses. This year they each made donations from their respective businesses, Andrew’s Realty and Jaimer’s Floral. Bliffert Lumber contributed, too. They hope to get help from Miller­Coors or Potawatomi Hotel & Casino, among others.

The couple decided to draw on the popularity of their Halloween display to solicit donations this year for the nonprofit Pathfinders Milwaukee, a local charity that serves homeless, runaway, and abused youth, with a focus on LGBT youth. Their goal is to raise $5,000. 

They’ve nailed down their 2019 Halloween House theme, but mum’s the word. They’ll start working on the design in January. Past themes: Just Buried, 2017; Election Monster Debate, 2016; Wizard of Oz, 2015, Plane Crash in Congo, 2014; Ghostbusters, 2013, and State Scare, 2012. Prior themes included Wild West, Area 51, Pirates, Grave Yard, and Bay View Carnival.

The real action at Reid and Beauchamp’s Halloween house takes place during the course of Bay View’s Night Time Trick or Treat event, when about 1,500 children come knocking. 

Wondering about the couple’s favorite Halloween treats? Jamie loves Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Andy prefers Snickers.

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