All the Classroom’s a Stage

July 25, 2008

By Ashley LeRay, 8th Grade

(Photo by Rosie Jankiewicz)Have you ever heard the saying “All the world’s a stage”?

Well, the eighth grade class sure did as we transformed our classroom into a stage for the St. Lucas Roundtable’s production of Romeo & Juliet last fall. The stage took a week to construct but the preparation for the actual production took about three months.

Along the way, many of us learned new aspects about the world of acting, including blocking (stage directions) and auditions. Playing Juliet was a lot of work but also really fun because I got to hang out with my friends after school and began to know other students better.

At first, acting was awkward because you weren’t used to talking to people your age like they were your parents or yelling at them when the script demanded it. Even acting like I was married was a little weird. Eventually, the whole cast became a family. If you needed help practicing your scenes, you could comfortably ask anyone from the cast.

Sometimes we even had to step into other parts. For one of the performances, I was asked to step in for a few scenes for the other Juliet who had been sick. That probably threw the audience for a loop, but also showed that we were comfortable enough to ask each other when we needed help.

Sure, not all the parts of the play went as smoothly as we would’ve liked. For instance, once we couldn’t find Romeo’s ring that Juliet’s nurse was supposed to give Juliet. Sometimes actors forgot their lines or said the wrong line in the wrong scenes. However, we learned to improvise if something went wrong. We also learned how much work really goes into plays, movies, and musicals. I know I will never look at such performances in same way again.

LeRay played Juliet Capulet.

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(Photo by Rosie Jankiewicz)

(Photo by Rosie Jankiewicz)

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