Ald. Zielinski Initiates Residential and Commercial Surveillance Camera Endeavor 

February 1, 2017

By Katherine Keller

In response to an upturn in crime affecting his constituents, District 14 Ald. Tony Zielinski is leading an effort to install surveillance cameras in both residential and commercial areas.

He is working with Oak Creek-based Associated Technical Services that provides Honeywell alarm and security systems. The firm would design and install the camera systems.

The system that Zielinski is advocating involves cameras mounted on city light poles that would offer real time monitoring via cellphones and tablets, in addition to digital video recorder back-up. “Cameras are so advanced you can see up and down blocks and they have infrared technology for nighttime,” he said.

Zielinski said he would work with city officials to be allowed to install cameras on its light poles. He hopes to recruit volunteers to monitor the cameras via their phones and tablets.

The cameras and DVRs would be purchased with private investment by individuals, businesses, and organizations since there is no public funding available, Zielinski said, except in high crime areas in the city, which does not include Bay View or other neighborhoods in his district.

To date, he has secured funding for two cameras at 12th Street and Montana Avenue.

He said he’s talked with neighbors on his own block on Superior Street and that they’re considering “pitching in” to purchase a camera to monitor their homes.

“Public safety is my primary concern,” Zielinski said. “Anyone in any area that wants extra layer of protection should contact me.” (414-286-3769; 414-405-1483 or

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