Ahoy! January 2010

January 3, 2010

We had fun reading the nominations you sent us in the past couple of months. Thank you for participating in the 2009 Person of the Year award selection.

Twenty-one people were nominated, although one nomination was a two-for-one.* Our evaluation panel members were Compass contributors Jay Bullock, Jason Haas, Sheila Julson, Jill Maher, Anna Passante, Michael Timm, and me.

This award represents “the spirit of Bay View” defined by three key qualities: contributes to the spirit and to the material well being of the community, exhibits good neighborliness (to those next door and the larger neighborhood of Bay View), and is active in civic engagement.

There are hundreds of others in Bay View who merit the nomination and award, which is one of the reasons that Bay View is exceptional. It is distinguished by the sheer number of community service groups, and the dedication of so many volunteers, who do what people do wherever they feel a sense of place and belonging and ownership and pride. And love!

This year Kathy Mulvey is the recipient of the award, pg. 6. The runners-up were John Ebersol, and the double-nominees, Patty Pritchard Thompson and Carol Voss.

Congratulations, Kathy, and each of you who was nominated. It is an honor to recognize you and your contributions.

Let me conclude with pointing out our school section, pgs. 8-9 and other school-related content about some of the superb students, educators, staff, and events in our local schools. Don’t miss the notification of the new library hours, pg. 1, where you will find Bay View is now closed Fridays and Tippe is closed Saturdays.

I also want to congratulate Sweet Water Organics for progressing to the stage where they are currently “selling fish futures,” pg. 1. I sincerely thank those of you who responded to the charity wish list we published last month, especially Andrea and Mike Kosinki of Bay View Bowl, and Dave Marks, owner of Dave’s World Bowling Pro Shop, who gave a tremendous amount of food, pg. 7, to the food pantry at Bay View Community Center.

Have you noticed? The days are getting longer. And the seed catalogs are arriving.

Happy 2010-a great year to volunteer,

Katherine Keller

*We’ve published text of the nominations on our website: bayviewcompass.com/nominations. Nominations are published as received.

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