Ahoy! December 2008

November 25, 2008

By Katherine Keller, Publisher & Editor

Season’s Greetings from the Compass!

This is the season to give and in this economy, there are countless charities where we can share our good fortune, but as you’ll learn in Michael Timm’s story, our local charities are requesting food, sleeping bags, and cash. Note: Bay View Community Center is specifically looking for jelly, in addition to their other needs. See why, page 1.

Understanding the pressure development places on wild spaces is part of the Green Revolution. The plans for Cardinal Stritch’s move to St. Francis are under scrutiny, especially concerning their potential impact on Seminary Woods. Michael Timm writes about the approval of these preliminary plans, page 6.

December in Bay View means a blizzard of entertainment events. One of those is the subject of Sheila Julson’s feature about the United Methodist Church’s handbell choir, page 5. Their concert, along with the Bay View High School concert, shouldn’t be missed. See our calendar, page 14, for details.

Supporting local business has long been an ethos in Bay View, but it’s catching on and rides the tail wind of the conservation and carbon-footprint reduction movements. Our Holiday Guide in the center of the paper offers an array of advertisements from local businesses that look forward to welcoming you at their door this season. Please support our advertisers!

The numbers, at least those that reflect enrollment data in Bay View schools, are captured in Jay Bullock’s column, page 11. Good reading.

Earnest young scientists at Trowbridge write about their work in Bay View Compass Kids, page 2. There’s a striking photo of a sea lamprey’s mouth that gives pause.

Running aground may be more of a problem as lake levels decline. It is the subject of H20 this month, page 12, in another lucid and interesting contribution from Jennifer Yauck, one of our finest writers.

Kevin Mundt, page 4, writes about the proposed veterans housing unit proposed for the empty lot on the corner of Lincoln and First. The site plan is on our website.

European and Japanese classic and vintage motorcycles are the specialty of The Shop, the subject of Q10 this month, page 15. For me, their business is just another one of the gems that lurks in Milwaukee, and lucky for us, is part of Bay View.

Library closings, which we covered last month, were considered a possibility because of budget woes. Tippecanoe will not close, but budget cuts will further reduce services. See our library update, page 4. It includes the new 2009 library hours.

This week we’re launching a new and totally revised website. The former version, for reasons mere mortals could neither fathom nor solve, was incompatible with certain versions of Internet Explorer. Matthew Sliker, our web producer, completely rebuilt it on a different skeleton and now it works with Internet Explorer. Take a look at the new site after Dec. 1. Let me know what you think about it. It is always good to hear from you.

The best of the season to you all.

Katherine Keller
Editor & Publisher

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