Ahoy! April 2009

March 31, 2009

By Katherine Keller

We finally were able to publish an April Fool’s issue, now that we’re printing on the first of each month rather than the 15th, which had been our custom for our first four years. I wish that we could do it each month. We had fun brainstorming content for the satire pages-1, 2, and 15. I suspect we’ll get a few calls or emails from discombobulated readers.

Brainstormers for this issue were Greg Bird, Jay Bullock, Sheila Julson, Jason Haas, John Manke, Jill Maher, Ken Mobile, Anna Passante, Matt Sliker, Michael Timm, and me.

In the not-fooling part of the issue, pages 3-14, you will find Sheila Julson’s profile of Fasten Co-op, where do-it-yourselfers have fashion, jewelry, and accessories for sale. Much of the merchandise is crafted from recycled materials.

Jill Maher addresses the diaper-station status in bathrooms of local eateries, page 10. It’s easier to change a baby in a restaurant bathroom that has one, she observes, than the alternatives, either kneeling on the bathroom floor or dashing to the car, not so much fun, in snow or rain.

Anna Passante introduces Ken Keltner, page 5, in this month’s Historic Bay View. Many of you will know who he is but probably more will not. He was a Bay View native, born 1916, who made it to the Big Leagues and is famous for snapping Joe DiMaggio’s 56-straight-game hitting streak in 1941 when Keltner played for the Cleveland Indians.

The local Humboldt Park pond hockey team, the Pincherry Lake Loons, took the silver this year at pond hockey national championships in Eagle River, page 7. Go Loons!

Jay Bullock talked with Jackie Laber to get Dover’s take about the failed Tippe/Dover merger, page 11. We also learn about Dover’s academic successes, which Laber attributes to the Direct Instruction method they employ. If you haven’t visited Dover, or any of the local elementary schools, I hope you will. I predict you will discover the embarrassment of riches here in Bay View when it comes to our schools. Then sign your children up for these schools!

Humboldt Park School sent us a few photos from their multicultural spring program, page 7. We were in deadline mode on Feb. 26 when the program took place and I regret that I couldn’t attend. I can tell from the photos that I missed a very special event.

Q10, page 14, profiles a busy convenience market on the south side of Bay View. Matt Wyland told me he sells a lot of newspapers there. He has both Chicago papers and a few others, including the Journal Sentinel. You will find the Compass there, too.

Michael Timm tackled two stories for this issue, the first, an update about the proposed expansion of Cardinal Stritch University to St. Francis, page 13. They’ve decided not to acquire the We Energies land. What will be the status of that land now?

His second story, page 3, chronicles the beleaguered quest of Sven’s owner, Steve Goretzko, to get a shot at bidding on MMSD’s pump house property on Lake Drive, currently leased to Alterra. That property is the cream in any café tenant’s coffee and for the foreseeable future, that coffee is Alterra’s.

For a look at some of the federal money coming Milwaukee’s way via the stimulus package, see this page. And for a look at business news in Bay View, see Ebb & Flow, page 9.

The annual commemoration of the Bay View Tragedy will be held May 3 this year. See page 7 for details. It’s so very Bay View that that sad episode in Bay View’s and working people’s history has been commemorated for the last 122 years, and again this year. If you have never attended the ceremony, consider it. It’s truly part of the warp and weft of Bay View.

Don’t forget to keep in touch with us between issues via bayviewcompass.com. Watch the bulletin board on the homepage. That’s what we update most frequently.

Thank you to all the new subscribers who responded to my appeal for reader support. Keep sending in those subscription forms. It makes the trip to the post office meaningful.

It’s April and besides the foolery, it’s Earth Day, which means opportunities to clean up the parks. See page 13 to pick the location where you and your family can join your neighbors that week making Bay View less littered.

Happy Spring,

Katherine Keller

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