What advice would you give Wisconsin’s next governor?

October 31, 2010

Interviews & Photos by Cara Slingerland

Adam Shea
—Adam Shea, S. Dayfield Avenue

“My politics are a little different. The advice I’d give to the new governor…don’t listen to Fox News? I guess I don’t have much of a comment, I definitely follow politics, but it’s so messy right now that it’s really easier for me not to pay attention to it, keeps the blood pressure down. It gets frustrating to get wrapped up in it too much.”

Kesan Holt lightened

—Kesan Holt, E. Oklahoma Avenue

“Oh wow. First and foremost, construction planning. [Laughs] I’m finding that that’s pretty much been the main issue for myself and a lot of people I work with. And just in general, you have to take a detour to Point A to Point B especially when the bridge over there [gestures toward Kinnickinnic Avenue bridge] … it was a huge inconvenience for everyone getting out of Bay View heading north.

Jason Henn

—Jason Henn, S. Burrell Street

“What advice? We have to do something about companies outsourcing our jobs, for one. Right now, I’m laid off. I mean it’s the biggest thing in my eyes. I think something has to be passed as far as corporate greed. There’s a lot of corporate greed that goes around in bigger corporations, and I think it’s overlooked. It’s always the middle class employees who always have to give something up as far as pay cuts, or pay more for health and welfare, and nothing is ever looked at as far as the white collar side goes. So I think there’s some legislation, pass some sort of a law mandating that a little better than they do.”

Heather Henn

—Heather Henn, S. Burrell Street

“[Laughs] God, where do you start? I guess for one, to start lowering taxes so that Wisconsin isn’t up in the top 10. Start bringing jobs back here. Stop wasting our money on a bunch of crap that no one cares about. Is it only one thing? And then my other thing was to start doing something about the health care issue.”

John Dillon Anthony

(from left to right) —John Brander, S. Wentworth Avenue; Dillon Johnson, S. Adams Avenue; Anthony Jeffrey, W. Forest Home Avenue

Dillon: “Oh man, I don’t watch TV.”

John: “Create new tax incentives for small business to help small businesses stay afloat during the double-dipping recession. That would work for me.”

Anthony: “He pretty much took the words out of my mouth. Small businesses help the community thrive, versus big corporations, at least in my eyes.”

John: “And free money—stimulus!!”

Anthony: “It’d also be nice to see this health care bill go through and all that get worked out.”

John: “Oh yeah, medical marijuana, we need that, we’re lagging.”

Anthony: “Yeah, also that’s been sitting for a while now. And I think it should be decriminalized at least.”

John: “Yeah, Michigan’s already doing that.”

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