2017-18 Department of Public Instruction Bay View Schools Report Cards

December 3, 2018

By Katherine Keller

Overall Score

The report cards issued by the Wisconsin Department of Instruction for Bay View Schools demonstrate that 10 of this community’s 11 schools are performing at or above expectations.

Saint Lucas Lutheran School solely achieved DPI’s “Significantly Exceeds Expectations” score, but Downtown Montessori only missed it by 1.1 points and Humboldt Park by 3.5 points.

Five schools received DPI’s “Exceeds Expectations” score: Downtown Montessori, Humboldt Park, Fernwood Montessori, Trowbridge, and Burdick.

Four received DPI’s “Meets Expectations” score: Bay View Montessori, Milwaukee Parkside, Clement, and Atlas Preparatory.

Bay View High School received DPI’s “Fails to Meet Expectations” score, but it improved by 3.8 points.

 Economic Disadvantage

The number of economically disadvantaged students is a significant factor that contributes to a school’s score. So does classroom size but that data is not included in the overall scores.

Downtown Montessori has the fewest students who are economically disadvantaged, 15.4 percent. Bay View High School has the most, 93.8 percent.

Of Bay View High School’s 920 students, DPI’s data indicate that 93.8 percent of its population is economically disadvantaged. The students scored 9.3 out of a possible 50 points in English language arts and 5.5 out of 50 in math. Dividing its enrollment by four grade levels, the average number per grade is 230 students.

At Trowbridge, a K3-8 program with a population of 261, 82.8 percent of its students are economically disadvantaged. There are 11 grades with an average of 24 students each. It scored 22.8/50 in English language arts and 20.9/50 in math.

Of the 587 students at Humboldt Park, a K3-8 program, 80.1 percent are economically disadvantaged. The students scored 31.4/50 in English language arts and 26.5/50 in math. Humboldt Park has, by far, the highest percentage of English language learners, 31.7%, and 53 students per grade.

At Atlas Preparatory, a K4-12 program with a population of 406 students, 76.6 percent are economically disadvantaged. The school scored 12.6/50 in English language arts and 11.1/50 in math. Dividing its enrollment by 14 grade levels, the average number per grade is 29 students. Atlas has two campuses. Grades 7-12 are at its  Bay View campus, 1051 E. Russell Ave., while Grades K4-6 are at its second campus, 3945 S. Kansas Ave.

At Clement, a K3-8 program with 462 students, 73.2 percent of the students are economically advantaged. The average number of students per grade is 42. The students scored 31.5/50 in English language arts and 24.1/50 in math.

Changes from 2016-2017 Year

In general, Bay View schools either improved their overall scores compared those of 2016-2017 or deviated slightly downward.

Downtown Montessori improvement was greatest, by 11.6 points, while the greatest decrease was Clement, -7.1 points.

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Note: Growth describes how much student knowledge of reading and mathematics in the school changes from year to year. It uses a point system that gives positive credit for students progressing toward higher performance levels, and negative credit for students declining below proficiency. This area focuses not on attainment, but the pace of improvement in student performance, no matter where students begin. All improvement is treated as a positive. Schools with high performance and little room to grow are not penalized.

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