Friends of South Shore Park Update + May 14 Potluck

May 1, 2015

At our monthly meeting in March, members of the South Shore Park Watch decided to update our name to the Friends of South Shore Park. The core mission of our volunteer, nonprofit organization remains unchanged as we continue to promote the preservation, enhancement, and enjoyment of South Shore Park. We work to share our mission by various means, including educational, recreational, and community events at the park.

Established in 1996, we are proud to recognize the accomplishments of South Shore Park Watch, including advocating reconstruction of the breakwater and Oak Leaf Trail, hosting National Night Out events, rain garden and native plant restoration work, beach cleanups, and regular support for the farmers market and annual plant sale at the park.

On April 23, we hosted our 16th annual Earth Day education event, which featured a series of environmental education sessions. Each year it is attended by several hundred students from our community.

Looking ahead, we are advocating for the improvements included in the current South Shore Park master plan effort. Our main focus is to see significant improvement in water quality at the beach. A key component for improved water quality is the proposed parking lot reconstruction.

We will continue with beach monitoring and cleanups this year under the Alliance for the Great Lakes’ Adopt-a-Beach program.

We look forward to engaging more members who value South Shore Park as a community resource. Anyone interested in connecting with our group can attend one of our regular meetings, normally the second Thursday of each month at 7pm at the South Shore Park Pavilion. Please visit our website or our Facebook page for more details. We can also be reached by email at

We are excited to introduce the Friends of South Shore Park to both new and established residents of the Bay View community.

Please join us for a Potluck Social at 6pm, Thursday, May 14 at South Shore Park Pavilion. Those who can attend are asked to bring a dish to share. Beverages and tableware will be provided. Please join us for a fun evening!

Cary Solberg
Friends of South Shore Park Board Member

April Fool’s Issue’s Bay View Mechanics Story

May 1, 2015

Thank you for the April Fool’s article. It was hilarious and has been the talk of the shop for the last week!

After reading about the “Ethanol Stout,” a customer made up a label for some of his home brew and brought it in. It’s on display with our memorabilia.

I may just look into having St. Francis Brewery create a few cases.


Sidney Vannoy

Sid’s Auto Repair

Habitat For Humanity Donation Blitz

May 1, 2015

Bay ViBVNA_LogoNEWew Neighborhood Association has teamed up with Habitat for Humanity for an event to help residents reduce clutter. On May 17, from 10am to 2pm, Habitat will provide a fleet of trucks to pick up unused furniture, appliances, and more, in Bay View.

Donations are resold in Habitat’s ReStores and the proceeds benefit Milwaukee Habitat For Humanity. Donations are tax-deductible and receipts will be provided to those who donate.

To register, call 414-316-5651 and mention Bay View Donation Blitz. Registrations must be completed by Saturday, May 9. Your participation will help Habitat for Humanity continue its mission to provide quality homes to people in need.

2015 Youth Sailing Scholarships

May 1, 2015

Bay View Neighborhood Association and South Shore Yacht Club are collaborating to offer two youth scholarships through the yacht club’s junior sailing foundation.

Children ages 9 through 11 who live in the 53207 zipcode area and whose families have financial need are eligible. An additional qualification is that the scholarship applicant must be able to swim.

The scholarship includes a free, 2015 one-year youth membership to the South Shore Yacht Club and free registration for beginner sailing lessons June 15 to August 14 this summer.

To apply for the scholarship, applicants must submit one paragraph stating why they want to learn to sail at the South Shore Yacht Club; provide information about economic hardship such as household income, living situation, or loss of a parent; and contact information.

All applications are due by May 23 and should be submitted to

For more information, write to

Holman to challenge Zielinski for District 14 seat

May 1, 2015

Meagan Holman announced that she will challenge incumbent Tony Zielinski for Milwaukee’s District 14 aldermanic seat. Zielinski, serving his second term, was elected to the office in 2004.

Holman served as a director and vice president of the Milwaukee Public School Board from 2011 to 2015 and is a staff member of Wisconsin Assembly Representative Daniel Riemer (D-Milwaukee, District 7).

Run/Walk Event June 6 in Humboldt Park

May 1, 2015

Run Into Summer

Nine area schools are launching the first annual Run Into Summer run and walk Saturday, June 6 in Humboldt Park. The school event features a 1.5-mile run or a 1-mile walk. The event is being presented by Milwaukee Public Schools and Milwaukee County Parks.

The participating schools are Clement Avenue, Fernwood Montessori, Howard Avenue Montessori, Garland, Humboldt Park, I.D.E.A.L., Parkside, Trowbridge, and Victory.

There will also be music, community vendors, activities, food trucks, and lots of fun.

Sign-in begins at 8am. The 1.5 Mile Run begins at 9am and the 1 Mile Walk begins at 10am. The goal is to encourage youth to get outside this summer and move.

Registration is $6 for students and $10 for adults. The entry fee include an event T-shirt.

Register by May 22 at one of the participating schools. For more information, contact the Parent Coordinator at any of the nine participating schools.

Humboldt Park 4th of July Association seeking members

May 1, 2015

The Humboldt Park 4th of July Association’s next meeting is Wednesday, May 6, at 7pm in the Humboldt Park Pavilion. Everyone is welcome to plan the 2015 July 4th events and to volunteer during the Independence Day festivities.

The association members are planning a full day of activities including the 100-unit parade, games for children and adults, a donut-eating contest, and also doll buggy, coaster wagon, bicycle, decorated-tricycle contests for children. The group also is in charge of a talent contest and fireworks.

“We are in need of a few good volunteers to help organize or judge some of these activities. You can volunteer for an hour or as long as you want anytime between 8am to 5pm on July 4th,” said Penny Manke, a longtime event-volunteer. “This is our 105th Independence Day celebration at Humboldt Park, and we need additional new people to have this tradition continue. We have approximately 75 people who help us on July 4th of which 25 are judges.”

To volunteer for as little as an hour or two, contact Penny Manke 414-304-5039.

Bay View Tragedy Commemoration is May 3

May 1, 2015

The 129th Anniversary of the Bay View Tragedy is Sunday, May 3, at 3pm, at the site of the State Historical Bay View Rolling Mill  Marker on the corner of South Superior Street and East Russell Avenue.

The event commemorates the day when seven people were killed by the state militia  on May 5, 1886 during a protest march in Bay View. Protestors wanted an eight-hour work day at a time when many worked 10 to 14 hours daily. The incident occurred at a time in U.S. history when there was a national movement of workers seeking shorter workdays and demonstrating their demand through strikes, rallies, and marches.

The commemoration ceremony has been held annually since 1986 and has become a springtime tradition, attracting more than 300 persons in recent years.

This year the event will include brief speeches, a theatrical reenactment, and songs of labor and working people. Jennifer Epps-Addison of Wisconsin Jobs Now, an organization that advocates for low-income workers, will speak of the importance of the historical event and its relevance to today’s challenges facing working people.

The Milwaukee Public Theatre and the Milwaukee Mask and Puppet Theatre will stage a dramatic reenactment of the 1886 tragedy, with actors and larger-than-life-sized puppets.

The hour-long event will also include a tribute to Milwaukee folksinger Larry Penn, known for his songs of workers, railroaders and civil rights activists. Penn, who was a regular performer at the annual event, died in fall of 2014. He was a longtime resident of the Tippecanoe neighborhood. The tribute will be led by Milwaukee folksinger Craig Siemsen. Milwaukee Metropolitan Voices will also sing.

The Wisconsin Labor History Society is  the lead sponsor of the event, which is planned by a committee that includes representatives of the Bay View Historical Society, residents of the Bay View area, union leaders, and others. The event is free and open to the public.

More info: Ken Germanson, 414-687-6954.

Park Group Has New Name

May 1, 2015

Friends of South Shore Park  (FOSSP) is the new name for the group formerly known as South Shore Park Watch. According to Cary Solberg, past president and current board member, the board decided to change its name because it believes a “friends group” is a recognizable name for a nonprofit volunteer organization. “We are focused on outreach to welcome more members and feel that our updated identity will help in that regard,” Solberg said.

In order to introduce itself to residents and encourage membership, FOSSP is hosting a potluck Thursday, May 14 at 6pm in the South Shore Park Pavilion. Attendees are asked to bring a dish to share. Beverages and tableware will be provided.

The group was established in 1996. Chad VanDierendonck currently serves as president.

More info:, Facebook, or

Congratulations Hannah!

May 1, 2015

Hannah Behroozi, a sixth-grader at Saint Lucas Lutheran School in Bay View, tied for sixth place in the 2015 Wisconsin National Geographic State Bee. Behroozi was the only student from Milwaukee to make it into the top 10 and the only girl.

Hannah Behroozi, a sixth-grader at Saint Lucas Lutheran School in Bay View, tied for sixth place in the 2015 Wisconsin National Geographic State Bee. Behroozi was the only student from Milwaukee to make it into the top 10 and the only girl.

The competition was held March 27 in Madison. It was the second level of the National Geographic Bee competition. Local school Geo Bees were held in schools throughout Wisconsin where students in grades 4 through 8 competed to advance to the state championship contest. Each school champion took a qualifying test that was submitted to the National Geographic Society, and in turn, National Geographic invited the 100 top-scoring students to compete at the Wisconsin Bee for state champion.

The Top 10 Winners of the 2015 Wisconsin State Geographic Bee were:

Joshua Frank, State Champion, 7th Grade, Fall River School, Fall River

Evan Ploeckelmann, Second Place, 8th Grade,
Tomahawk Middle School, Tomahawk

Samanyu Dixit, Third Place, 5th Grade,
Odyssey Elementary Charter School, Appleton

The remaining seven winners in alphabetical order:

Hannah Behroozi, 6th Grade,
Saint Lucas Lutheran School, Milwaukee

James Davis, 8th Grade,
Asa Clark Middle School, Pewaukee

Sam Kaufmann, 5th Grade,
Waunakee Intermediate School, Waunakee

Elijah Rawn, 5th Grade,
Edgerton Middle School, Edgerton 

Nicholas Soldner, 8th Grade,
O’Keeffe Middle School, Madison

Michael Stockel, 7th Grade,
Edgerton Middle School, Edgerton

Oskar Zauchner, 8th Grade,
Horace Mann Middle School, Wausau

Carol Voss is new District 8 school board member

May 1, 2015

Bay View resident Carol Voss was elected to represent Milwaukee School Board’s District 8 which includes Bay View. She was the sole candidate who ran for the seat that was previously held by Meagan Holman from 2011 until April 2015.

Voss is a lifelong Milwaukee resident, and in addition to her seat on the school board, is a public relations director at Independence First, a nonprofit agency that serves people with disabilities. Voss has been active in the Believe in Bay View initiative at Bay View High School. She co-founded the Bay View Neighborhood Association and is the founder of the Chill on the Hill concert series in Humboldt Park.

Voss earned a bachelor of science degree in occupational therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a master degree in business from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is the daughter of two teachers and is married to David Voss. They have two children who are each enrolled in a Milwaukee public school. Her term expires April 2019.

Contact her at the MPS Office of Board
Governance: 414-475-8284 or

Chinese Medicine includes Feng Shui

May 1, 2015

By Aleisha Anderson

Aleisha Anderson Head Shot

Reduce clutter; reduce stress

Home is where we go to feel loved and nurtured. When the world outside expects too much from us, home is the sanctuary that recharges, relaxes, and prepares us for our next day. Unfortunately the reality for most of us is that our kitchen counters need clearing, the dishes are piling up, shoes are perpetually blocking our entry, and meals must be planned and prepared in a timely manner. Very quickly that idealistic vision of home starts to blend into the cluster of traffic we faced on the way home, where we hoped to unwind from all of the chaos outside our homes.

While we may not have complete control over the sources of stress in our lives, we do have the power to modify our living environment to create more of a sanctuary that reduces the effects of all that stress.

Energy is qi (chi) and it is abundant in all forms of matter. The qi around us has an impact on the movement of qi within us. One of the eight modalities of Chinese Medicine is feng shui, the harmonizing of physical space by placing objects in a way that promotes the best flow of energy. In Chinese medicine, it is said that the energetic quality of a space will encourage health, prosperity, and good luck.

Clutter impedes the flow of energy around us and influences our emotions and behaviors. If we imagine strings of energy connecting us to every object in the room, it becomes overwhelmingly apparent that we have woven a complex web of attachments! These objects attract our attention just by being in our presence. The emotional connections and physical impediments of these objects are draining, distracting, and disruptive to our daily lives.

Often fear and lack of trust hold us back from letting go of those objects that no longer serve us. We may fear the emotional process of giving up objects that hold memories. We may worry about the need for some objects in the future, instead of trusting that we will have what we need when the time comes.

Clearing clutter improves emotional, physical, and mental energy. To counter that, create a space that allows more meaningful, inspiring, and relaxing influences. With the goal of reducing stress, we can establish an intention that suits our needs. If the stress is related to emotional ties to the past, then setting an intention of letting go of past emotional ties and focusing on saying goodbye to objects with stressful memories may be the first step. If life feels chaotic with more to do than time to get it done, then set the intention of organizing your space. Intentions set the tone for designing or arranging the space and provide guidance in the process of letting go and making decisions about what is no longer worth keeping.

There are many ways to approach the process of decluttering. If the task seems too large, then beginning with a small space, like a drawer, under the bed, or a closet, may be the best plan. Set an intention and a timeframe. Our wellbeing depends on our ability to recover from those stressful influences that drain our energy. When our home environment becomes a source of stress, we must hit the pause button, connect to our surroundings, and let go of what no longer serves us.

For further reading: Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, By Karen Kingston

Bay View resident Aleisha Anderson, L.Ac., is the clinic director and acupuncturist at Mke Mindbody Wellness, an integrative wellness center with holistic therapies focused on mental health. More information visit

Disclaimer: The information provided in this column is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or care. 

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