Doggie Dip September 3!

August 31, 2012

Milwaukee County Parks. Stay local. Play local.

It's time for a Doggie Dip

6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

at Cool Waters in Greenfield Park
2028 S. 124th Street

SAVE 67% 
ONLY $10 – VALID UNTIL 12/31/12
(Be sure to bring the license number for each of your dogs.)

Due to the popularity of our Doggie Dip, you can buy your admission the day
before the dip. You will receive a bracelet that allows you to enter the pool
without waiting in the admissions line!
Cool Waters
Sunday, Sept. 2, 2012
10 am – 6 pm

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Free: Blue Moon Monarch Butterfly Trail event, August 31

August 28, 2012

The Friends of the Monarch Trail present:

*Blue Moon Event!


Friday, August 31, 2012


5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. (moonrise at 7:13 p.m., sunset at 7:27 pm) 


The Monarch Trail, 9480 W. Watertown Plank Rd., Wauwatosa, WI (Milw. County Grounds Parks Dept. parking lot)


Come out and enjoy hiking the Monarch Trail, delightful music by Ceol Cairde (Music of Friends), fly kites, butterfly tagging and release, guided tour at 6:15 p.m., Dick’s famous sandwiches, beverages, snacks, butterfly origami, special gifts and more!


ALL are welcome!

For more information and to view the beautiful Blue Moon Event flyer, please visit:

*The month of August brings us not one, but two full moons. The first full moon took place on August 1st.  The second will be on Friday, August 31st.

Some almanacs and calendars assert that when two full moons occur within a calendar month, the second full moon is called a “Blue Moon.”

The full moon that night will likely look no different than any other full moon. But the moon can change color in certain conditions.

After forest fires or volcanic eruptions, the moon can appear to take on a bluish or even lavender hue. Soot and ash particles, deposited high in the Earth’s atmosphere, can sometimes make the moon appear bluish.

From NY Times: At the Top of Google, Fewer Women

August 23, 2012


At the Top of Google, Fewer Women


Senior women at Google are losing ground, reports Claire Cain Miller in The New York Times. Since Larry Page became chief executive and reorganized Google last year, women have been pushed out of his inner circle and passed over for promotions. They include Marissa Mayer, who left last month to run Yahoo after being sidelined at Google.

The company hopes its famous algorithms can solve one of the most vexing problems facing Silicon Valley: how to recruit and retain more women.

Read more here.

General Mitchell International Airport newsletter via email subscription

August 20, 2012

Residents of communities surrounding Mitchell International Airport may be interested in receiving the GMIA Airfield Update Newsletter.


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Parks People gives high five to Jim Keegan as interim Milwaukee County Parks director

August 20, 2012

Statement by the Park People of Milwaukee regarding appointment of Jim Keegan as interim parks director

Dan Cody, Board President for The Park People of Milwaukee County, released the following statement regarding the appointment of Jim Keegan as interim Director of Parks, Recreation & Culture for Milwaukee County:

“The Park People of Milwaukee County congratulate Jim Keegan on his appointment today as interim Director of Milwaukee County’s Department of Parks, Recreation & Culture by County Executive Abele.

We have worked with Jim countless times over the years in his various roles in the Parks Department. His professionalism, creativity, concern for our parks and vast amount of institutional knowledge will be great assets for the Department and ensure success during his tenure.

We look forward to working with him in this new role with the common goal of maintaining and improving the Milwaukee County Parks Department.”


Statement by the Park People of Milwaukee regarding Director Sue Black being removed as parks director

August 16, 2012

In response to the news reports about the firing of Parks, Recreation & Culture Director Sue Black by Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele, Dan Cody, Board President for The Park People of Milwaukee has released the following statement:

“We have worked closely with Sue Black over the years and have always appreciated her intensity and commitment to the Milwaukee County Parks System. Sue and her staff have done a particularly good job of maintaining our parks when faced with year after year of budget cuts and have been recognized nationally for their innovation and leadership in parks and recreation.

Through her leadership, there have been many improvements to our parks from the renaissance of Bradford Beach, concerts in the parks, Dog Exercise Areas and disc/Frisbee golf courses.

Since 1982, when the County tool over the Parks System, the budget for our parks is less than what it was when the County took it over in 1982. Sue was able to develop strong relationships with local businesses and community groups and partner to make things happen in our parks.

We’re still trying to understand the reason behind today’s events regarding Director Black and await to hear more information from the County Executive regarding her replacement.

We thank her for her years of public service and wish her well in her future endeavors.

The Park People look forward to continuing our strong relationship with County leadership and staff at Milwaukee County Parks System.”

The Park People of Milwaukee County, Inc., is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization promoting citizen stewardship of Milwaukee County Parks and can be reached at or

What alleged killer Wade Page’s tattoo means

August 6, 2012

From the Business Reporter:

In one of the photos of Sikh Temple shooting suspect Wade Michael Page you can see a large cross with the number “14” tattooed atop his bicep.

Lots of people have Celtic, tribal or religious tattoos these days. But that’s not what Page’s tattoo is all about.

Read more here.



FBI and law enforcement officials begin to release some details of Sikh Temple shootings

August 6, 2012

By Katherine Keller

City and law enforcement officials released some information this morning at a press conference held at the Oak Creek Police Department about the fatal shootings that took place at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, 7512 S. Howell Ave. Sunday, August 5 about 10:25am.

Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards said that the initial 911 call from the temple was made at 10:25am and that Oak Creek police officers arrived at the scene within ten minutes of that call.

Wade Michael Page, alleged assailant who killed six people at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, Sunday, August 6 in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

When the first officer arrived he reported see a victim lying in the driveway of the temple. When he went to assist the victim, the alleged assailant Wade Michael Page ambushed him.  Page shot officer, Lt. Brian Murphy, was shot nine times, according to Edwards.

A second Oak Creek police officer went to find Murphy when fellow officers learned he was not responding to a call. The officer found “that Murphy was down”, but conscious. Edwards said that Murphy motioned the officer toward the temple, indicating that he wanted the officer to pursue the assailant rather than to attend to his wounds.

Edwards noted that the Oak Creek officers were armed with “squad rifles.” The second officer found Page, who did not respond to commands. The officer “fired the squad rifle and put him down,” Edwards said.

Oak Creek police officers removed Murphy while others began clearing the area. Responding to questions from members of the Sikh community who asked why it took so long for law enforcement officials to enter the temple, Edwards said that it was vital to clear the exterior of the temple to make certain there were no more assailants. He explained that in order to enable police officers to ultimately offer the most protection to those inside the temple, officers needed to protect themselves and make certain there were no other assailants on the scene.

Law enforcement officers cleared three square miles around the temple, going door to door, knocking on approximately 200 doors. Edwards said officers were making certain residents were safe.

When the Oak Creek police personnel were certain the scene “was locked,” they called tactical squads from area municipalities and the FBI.

Edwards said his officers were trained for incidents involving active shooters and because of that training, they “stopped a worse tragedy.”

Lt. Brian Murphy is a 21-year-veteran of the Oak Creek Police Department, including the tactical team, including the tactical team leader, Edwards said. Murphy is resting at an area hospital with family members at his side, according to Edwards.

The names of those who were killed yesterday were released at the press conference in Oak Creek this morning.
They are five men and one woman:

•  Paramjit Kaur – 41 – female

•  Prakash Singh – 39 – male

•  Ranjit Singh – 49- male

•  Satwant Singh Kaleka – 65 – male

•  Sita Singh – 41 – female

•  Suveg Singh – 84 – male

Three others were wounded, but their names have not been released. Of the three injured parties, one is in critical condition in the ICU of an area hospital. Another with chest wounds is in critical condition. A third was treated and released yesterday for wounds received.

The alleged assailant is Michael Wade Page, age 40, born November 1, 1971. He recently moved to the area. He rented an apartment in the 3700 block of Holmes Avenue in Cudahy, and apparently resided in North Carolina before moving to Cudahy.

Page served in the military from 1992-1998 and for at least part of that time, was located at Ft. Bragg located near Fayetteville, North Carolina. He received a “general discharge,” which is neither a dishonorable or honorable discharge, officials said.

Wikipedia describes a general discharge: “General discharges are given to service members whose performance is satisfactory but is marked by a considerable departure in duty performance and conduct expected of military members. Reasons for such a characterization of service vary, from medical discharges to misconduct, and are utilized by the unit commander as a means to correct unacceptable behavior prior to initiating discharge action (unless the reason is drug abuse, in which case discharge is mandatory). A commander must disclose the reasons for the discharge action in writing to the service member, and must explain reasons for recommending the service be characterized as General (Under Honorable Conditions). The service member is normally required to sign a statement acknowledging receipt and understanding of the notification of pending discharge memorandum. They are also advised of the right to seek counsel and present supporting statements.

In addition, service members are required to sign documents acknowledging that “substantial prejudice in civilian life” may be encountered under a general discharge. Despite this, some personnel think because the discharge is described as general under honorable conditions, it is as good as or the same as an honorable discharge. Concerning VA disability and most other benefits that is true; however, a general discharge may preclude participation in the GI Bill, service on veteran’s commissions, and other programs where a fully honorable discharge is required.”

FBI Special Agent In Charge Teresa Carlson said that the crime scene is still active and that agents are still interviewing people. Until the investigation is completed is likely that Howell Avenue will remain closed between Drexel Avenue and Rawson Avenue.

Person of interest who was seen at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek yesterday after the killings.

Carlson stated that they have a person-of-interest whom they want to talk to. He aroused the suspicion of some of those at the crime scene yesterday. (Photo here.) She asked that anyone with information call the FBI tip line: 800-CALL-FBI.

Carlson stated that the FBI is not aware of any other threats to the temple or members of the Sikh community in Oak Creek and beyond or to other Sikh temples in the area and beyond. She said the motive for the killings is still being investigated. Edwards and Carlson stated that they were confident there was only one shooter.

Bernard J. Zapor of the St. Paul Field Division, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) reported that the person of interest “showed up on the scene after the shootings and looked suspicious” but left before any more information about him was ascertained.  UPDATE Aug. 6, 10pm: The person-of-interest has been identified and cleared. 

He stated that Page legally purchased the firearm, a 9 mm semi-automatic handgun and that he was not prohibited from possessing it. He said the gun “utilized multiple [ammo] magazines.”

Page’s Cudahy home, an upper flat of a duplex, Zapor said, was entered last evening to collect evidence. Neither Zapor or others would comment about the results of the search, which was executed under a search warrant, according to Agent Carlson.

A member of the area Sikh community asked how long the temple would be inaccessible, noting that some members of the community pray each day. Carlson said that she was not aware of any threats to the temple prior to the incident Sunday. She said that law enforcement members are still looking for and processing evidence and thought that it might take another 24-48 hours.

Chief Edwards said that he would work with the Sikh community and post information on the city of Oak Creek website ( about alternative venues for prayer until the temple is reopened.

During the question and answer portion of the press conference, officials were asked if there were any known connections between Page and white supremacist groups. Carlson said that the FBI “is looking into this.”

Carlson confirmed that the FBI files included no active files on Page but they were looking further to see if there were references to him on file, and that they had no reason to suspect him prior to yesterday’s incident.

She also said that FBI agents are looking into reports that someone may have been “casing the Sikh Temple” Saturday evening, the night before the killings.

One of the officials who spoke at the conference explained the difference between a mass murder and a domestic terrorism incident. The latter is defined as a crime where use of force or violence is employed for social or political gain.

Carlson stated that the FBI is not concerned that the shootings at the Sikh Temple are a copycat crime of the recent movie theater killings in Aurora, Colorado.

911 calls will be released to the public after the investigation has been completed.

Chief Edwards stated that he thought there may be police squad car surveillance video from the crime scene.

Carlson stated that incidents like that at the Sikh Temple are difficult to prevent when there is no obvious activity on the part of the perpetrator that would alert law enforcement officials to a potential threat. She emphasized that members of the community are sometimes the first to notice suspicious or disconcerting activity that they should always report to local police or the FBI. “If you see something, say something,” she said.

Chief Edwards noted that Lt. Murphy was wearing his badge at the time he was shot.

Carlson and Zapor praised the Oak Creek Police Department and personnel for their response yesterday and for their cooperation with area law enforcement agencies, the FBI, the ATF.

Chief Edwards thanked the FBI for their assistance and expressed his gratitude and admiration for the services rendered yesterday by area law enforcement personnel and agencies.

Oak Creek Police and FBI release photo of Wade Michael Page, alleged assailant at Sikh Temple

August 6, 2012

Wade Michael Page, alleged assailant who killed six people at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, Sunday, August 6 in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

The Oak Creek Police Department and FBI released a photo of Wade Michael Page today, whom is the alleged deceased assailant who killed six people at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek yesterday. Page was shot and killed by a member of the Oak Creek Police Department after the assailant shot Lt. Brian Murphy nine times. Murphy, age 51, and 21 year veteran of the department, was shot nine times, mostly in his extremities although he sustained a serious bullet wound to his neck.

The weapon used in the killings was determined to be a 9 mm semi-automatic hand gun. Citing the ongoing investigation, FBI Special Agent In Charge Teresa Carlson would not say if or how many ammunition magazines Page were on his person.

There were reports, that Carlson said she could not comment on, that Page was wearing an ammo belt.

The City of Oak Creek will be conducting an 8:30 pm vigil on Tuesday, August 7, 2012, in conjunction with the National Night Out.

The names of the victims who were killed at the scene yesterday were released today. They are:

    • Sita Singh – 41 – male
    • Ranjit Singh – 49 – male
    • Satwant Singh Kaleka – 65 – male
    • Prakash Singh – 39 – male
    • Paramjit Kaur – 41 – female
    • Suveg Singh – 84 – male

Law enforcement officials said three others, unidentified, were wounded; two are in critical condition, one of whom is in the ICU of an area hospital. A third victim was admitted, treated for wounds, and released.

Can you identify this man? FBI looking for person-of-interest in Sikh Temple shootings

August 6, 2012

Update 10:15pm: WISN Milwaukee reported that the person of interest has been identified and cleared.

FBI Special Agent In Charge announced at a press conference today that the FBI is looking for a person-of-interest who was at the Oak Creek Sikh Temple crime scene yesterday who aroused the suspicion. He left the scene before he could be interviewed. FBI released this photo of the “person of interest.”  They’re asking for help identifying him. If you have information, call 800-CALL FBI (800-225-5324).


FBI SWAT team among law enforcement personnel at home of suspected assailant who killed six at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek

August 6, 2012

Photos and text by Katherine Keller


A law enforcement officer rests his weapon on what appears to be a garbage or recycling bin in the alley of the 3700 block of East Holmes Avenue in Cudahy. Scores of FBI, police, fire, ambulance and other law enforcment personnel were on the scene during a the execution of a search warrant of the apartment believed to be the home of the suspect who killed six people at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek Aug. 5. The image captured in the photo above was displayed in a Chicago photographer's camera. —photo Katherine Keller

A law enforcement officer rests his weapon on what appears to be a garbage or recycling bin in the alley of the 3700 block of East Holmes Avenue in Cudahy. Scores of FBI, police, fire, ambulance and other law enforcment personnel were on the scene during a the execution of a search warrant of the apartment believed to be the home of the suspect who killed six people at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek Aug. 5. The image captured in the photo above was displayed in a Chicago photographer’s camera.
—photo Katherine Keller

Members of the FBI SWAT team ride in the cherry picker of a St. Francis Fire Department vehicle.

Members of the FBI SWAT team ride in the cherry picker of a St. Francis Fire Department vehicle.

(Learn more about the FBI SWAT force here.)

A member of the FBI SWAT team ride in the cherry picker of a St. Francis Fire Department vehicle.

Teresa Carlson FBI Special Agent in Charge briefs reporters about 9:25pm Aug. 5 while a search warrant was being executed by law enforcement officials nearby in the upper floor of a duplex in the 3700 block of East Holmes Avenue in Cudahy, Wis. The second floor apartment was recently rented and occupied by the man suspected to be the assailant who killed six people at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek. A backyard of nearby home in the 3600 block of East Holmes Street was where a military-issue smoke grenade and the flare launched by Kurtis Popp (and in July 2009 that landed on the roof of and set fire to the Patrick Cudahy plant, causing $50 million in damage. Joshua Popp, brother of Kurtis Popp took the flare as a souvenir while he was serving in the Marine Corps.

Photographers use powerful zoom lenses to photograph law enforcement personnel in the alley of the 3700 block of East Holmes Avenue in Cudahy, Wis.


MPS’ better-than-expected health care savings, retirements mean 0 layoffs for teachers

August 1, 2012

Source: MPS

Health care savings from contracts negotiated in 2010 allow district to bring back teaching positions that were initially planned to be cut

Better-than-expected health cost savings resulting from employee contracts negotiated in 2010 – combined with expected retirements and financial decisions that prioritize classrooms – will allow Milwaukee Public Schools to avoid laying off any teachers this year.

Those better-than-expected savings were first announced in early June but the exact impact on layoffs was not known at the time. With non-teaching staff included, the district laid off a total of four employees as of July 1.

“We would like to put even more resources into the classroom, but this result proves that the actions taken by President Michael Bonds and the Milwaukee Board of School Directors are putting as many dollars as possible into supporting our children,” Superintendent Gregory Thornton said. In addition to utilizing better-than-expected savings from the contracts negotiated in 2010, the district’s 2012-13 budget also cut millions from MPS Central Services to limit the impact on classrooms.

The news of no teacher layoffs comes after two years of significant staff layoffs, including 482 teacher layoffs in June/July 2010 and 354 teacher layoffs in June/July 2011.

While no teachers are being laid off, there will be fewer teaching positions due to the pressures of higher costs, largely flat revenues and a projected 1% decline in enrollment. But the health care savings – including selecting a new third-party health plan administrator, negotiating better pricing and employee premium contributions all without sacrificing the quality of the benefit package – allowed the district to restore 88 teaching positions that were initially proposed to be cut in the 2012-13 budget, bringing the budget’s initial projection of 233 position reductions down to 146. Teachers whose positions were cut have been able to move into other open positions, many due to retirements. As of July 2, 223 of the district’s roughly 5,000 teachers retired in 2012.

A larger wave of retirements is expected by the end of the 2012-13 school year as the aging baby boom generation continues to leave the workforce. That transition is expected to create a significant need to hire teachers in Milwaukee Public Schools.

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