Cudahy Class of ’55 Class Reunion (Posted 7/30)

July 31, 2008

Cudahy Class of ’55 Class Reunion
It’s Our 55th Year Class Reunion!! Perhaps Our Last.

When: Saturday, Oct. 4, 2008
Where: Best Western Midway Hotel; Milwaukee Airport
Time: 5:30pm-till? Cash bar, dinner, music, and a number of surprises.

It’s time to come together as we did those many years ago, to celebrate our life and all those memories, old and new.

And we need your help and input. We are asking you to send all those great pictures that set in time our four years at Cudahy High. The committee would like help putting together a collage of all those photos with all our best memories.

We will also be meeting at Pinter’s Tap Room on Friday night, Oct. 3, at 7pm for an informal gathering.
Please contact Joan Jones (414)-481-4211 for more information.

Pitch In

July 27, 2008

By Jennifer McIntyre

When I tell someone that I volunteer at the historical society, I’ve learned to specify that it’s the Bay View Historical Society, not Milwaukee’s..

I don’t know how many neighborhoods have their own historical society. Thankfully, Bay View does and it makes sense that we do. Bay View has a lot of history and families who have lived here for generations. It has a lot of pride and people interested in preserving the aspects of Bay View that make it home. My interest is supporting the historical society and their’s mission: “maintaining a sense of community by preserving, celebrating, and sharing Bay View’s rich heritage.”

Maybe your thing isn’t the Bay View Historical Society. Maybe you prefer to support the programs at the Bay View Community Center or Bay View High School Alumni Association activities. Donate a few dollars or volunteer. It doesn’t take much to help preserve what you love or to strengthen areas where Bay View could grow when lots of community members pitch in a little time or money.

Recently someone accused me of “always having to be doing something.” That’s not true; I absolutely love doing nothing at all, especially when doing nothing is lying in my backyard hammock! Helping out in the community isn’t something I do because I need to being doing something; it’s something I want to do. The way I see it, no matter where you pitch in, you enhance the quality of life in Bay View for yourself, your children, your neighbors, and your friends. Want to ensure that the South Shore Frolics continues next year? Get involved. Inspire by example.

So maybe getting involved isn’t your thing. Maybe you’re an observer. Sometimes the best insights come from the periphery. Share your ideas: write a letter to the editor, attend community- organization meetings and offer your input. Check out community calendars and attend events. Patronize local businesses—long established and new. Dee’s Wine Stop is a favorite of mine; the $10-and-under-section is genius! Whatever you choose, get out, explore, and be a good neighbor.

However, please don’t think you’re pitching in if your only contribution is complaining. Don’t contribute negativity. I may be going out on a limb, but it would seem to me that the only people who have the right to complain are those who are actually working to effect change. So if you really, really, really need to complain, make sure you’re pitching in, too.

Marian Center for Nonprofits

July 25, 2008

Marian Center (Photo by Michael Timm)1. What nonprofit businesses and organizations do you harbor? How broad a geographical area do your tenants represent?
The center serves as home to 33 nonprofit organizations (see sidebar). Our organizations represent national, state, and local entities. Through them, the Marian Center has the potential to touch the lives of over 50,000 individuals on an annual basis. For more on the missions of these organizations, see our website.
»Read more

A Beacon of Support

July 25, 2008

By Sheila Julson

St Ann Playing Cards (Photo by Ken Mobile)

St. Ann Center celebrates 25 years

In the early 1980s, Sr. Edna Lonergan, known as “Sr. Edna,” was director of rehabilitation for the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi. Sisters who needed care received it at their own health care facility at the motherhouse complex where many of them lived, therefore staying in a familiar environment. Lonergan thought it »Read more

St. Lucas Roundtable Theater

July 25, 2008

(Photo by Rosie Jankiewicz)Almost half the fifth through eighth grade students of St. Lucas participated in Romeo & Juliet as actors, backstage crew, or event hosts. The St. Lucas Roundtable exists to introduce students to theater, to appreciate the beautiful language of Shakespeare and other playwrights, to grow in confidence in public speaking, and to challenge each student to grow academically, socially, and spiritually. Next year’s show will be William Shakespeare’s comedy Twelfth Night, tentatively scheduled for Nov. 13-14 at 6:30pm. »Read more

The Process Involves Practice

July 25, 2008

By Eli Midthun, 6th Grade

William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet was definitely an experience that will help me throughout my life. The first day we gathered in a classroom, went over the expectations and schedule, and then decided whether or not to commit to the play. For the first two weeks we watched a movie version of the play and listened to a CD of Shakespearean actors to better understand the characters and the play. Once we were done with the movie and CD, we had auditions. Then we decided what we would cut from Romeo & Juliet because we were trying to keep the show around two hours. »Read more

Much More Than Just What’s on Stage

July 25, 2008

By Claudia Reyes, 8th Grade

(Photo by Samantha Miller)Playing a role in my school’s production of Romeo & Juliet was a lot of fun. It brought a lot of new experiences, such as watching theater develop in our classroom. We had a stage in the middle of the classroom. The stage was definitely different and interesting. Mr. Gurgel, our teacher, was a foot taller! We had to really look up at him.

At first, the stage was merely a wooden platform. Then, slowly but surely it evolved into a stage. The stage crew added pillars and flats (scenery), then lights. Eventually, our classroom looked like a genuine theater. Each night before the show, students took the classroom desks out and carried in our “theater seating.” »Read more

All the Classroom’s a Stage

July 25, 2008

By Ashley LeRay, 8th Grade

(Photo by Rosie Jankiewicz)Have you ever heard the saying “All the world’s a stage”?

Well, the eighth grade class sure did as we transformed our classroom into a stage for the St. Lucas Roundtable’s production of Romeo & Juliet last fall. The stage took a week to construct but the preparation for the actual production took about three months.

Along the way, many of us learned new aspects about the world of acting, including blocking (stage directions) and auditions. Playing Juliet was a lot of work but also really fun because I got to hang out with my friends after school and began to know other students better. »Read more

Put Pool on Army Reserve Site

July 25, 2008

By Mark A. Zimmerman

Mr. Zielinski, I just read your column on the requests for proposals (RFPs) for the former Army Reserve site. The ideas you discussed are interesting indeed, but how about this one: a public pool, a la Sheridan Pool? The idea works for several reasons: »Read more

Always Wear a Helmet

July 25, 2008

By Jason Haas

With the rising price of gasoline driving more people to ride bicycles, motorcycles, and mopeds, I urge my fellow riders to wear a helmet whenever they ride. To put it simply, if you fall off your bike or are in a collision, a helmet is the one thing that can protect your most valuable asset, your brain. »Read more

Doing business in Bay View

July 25, 2008

By Amy Tenuta

In response to the article of the same title in the latest issue of the Bay View Compass: I would like to put in my two cents as a delivery driver for the KK Jimmy John’s. I couldn’t help but take the comment made by Christine Wakeam a bit personally. »Read more

Saws for a Cause

July 25, 2008

Mark Sorvala (Photo by Michael Timm) Saws for a Cause, a group of chainsaw artists that creates and auctions off woodcarvings for charity, raised just under $11,000 for the Lions Club blind camp, said Frank Burgard, the group’s New Berlin-based organizer. This was the first year Saws for a Cause participated in the South Shore Frolics, July 11-13. »Read more

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