Creators, tinkerers thrive at Milwaukee Makerspace
By Sheila Julson
There is a hive of creative activity inside an inconspicuous red brick building on Potter Street near the library. »Read more
BVNA announces 2016 Chill on the Hill lineup

Emerald ash borer damage in Milwaukee County Parks
By Sheila Julson
Nearly 3,000 trees have been removed in Milwaukee County Parks since 2009 because they were infested with the invasive emerald ash borer. »Read more
Frolics Meeting May 24


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HALL MONITOR — Fare Thee Well Hall Monitor HALL MONITOR — Fare Thee Well Hall Monitor

Thank you, Bay View, for 11 years of readership and conversation. I appreciate all your emails, letters, and in person words when you’ve run into me at Anodyne or Outpost. It was always a thrill to meet a reader and know that my words were never merely shouted into a void. However, all things must pass, and that is true as well for this column. Obviously,... »Read more

THE FINE PRINT — Does it pay to incorporate in a different state? THE FINE PRINT — Does it pay to incorporate in a different state?
By Jan Pierce

Corporations and other limited liability entities are creatures of state statute. That means that each state has its own rules for chartering them, and its own requirements regarding fees, taxes, reporting, and disclosure. This would appear to provide a corporation 50 different options to choose from. But when you consider all of the variables involved,... »Read more

PAREN(T)HESIS — Advising One Another PAREN(T)HESIS — Advising One Another
By Jill Rothenbueler Maher

A friend posted a simple question on Facebook and received insightful answers. He asked his network, What is the best parenting advice you’ve ever received? Responses came in from his friends, who got to see one another’s responses. Some of the parents invoked the difficult days of parenting by saying, “This too shall pass” or “Breathe, darling.... »Read more