Creators, tinkerers thrive at Milwaukee Makerspace
By Sheila Julson
There is a hive of creative activity inside an inconspicuous red brick building on Potter Street near the library. »Read more
BVNA announces 2016 Chill on the Hill lineup

Emerald ash borer damage in Milwaukee County Parks
By Sheila Julson
Nearly 3,000 trees have been removed in Milwaukee County Parks since 2009 because they were infested with the invasive emerald ash borer. »Read more
Frolics Meeting May 24


» Short Attention Span Gallery Night showcases craft-kit art
» Shoppers spurned unusual vegetable at South Shore Farmers Market
» BV BUD Completes First New Mural
» Shorewood leaders make bid to annex Bay View
» IN BALANCE — Natural headache remedies
» PAREN(T)HESIS — Clothing conundrums
» SPOTTLIGHT — Hello April!
» St. Thomas More High School’s New Board Members
» Fernwood Montessori Fine Craft and Art Fair May 7
» Bay View Historical Society Dinner
» Board Approves Operation Impact’s Expansion to Aldermanic District 14 
» Local Charity and Quilt Shop Sponsor 12-hour Sewathon
» Southside SOUP April 9
» Bay View Tragedy Commemoration May 7
» Greg “Ziggy” Zyszkiewicz
» 17th Annual Easter Egg Hunt Planned for April 8 at Humboldt Park
» Bay View Lions’ Easter Bunny Breakfast April 8
» Fernwood Girl Scout project takes aim at pedestrian safety
» New home for Milwaukee Alderman Tony Zielinski
» Bradley Tech High School Hosts Open House with Robotics Focus
» Milwaukee County Bus System Offers New Smartphone App
» Humboldt Park Easter Egg Hunt April 8
» Beulah Brinton House March Concerts
» PAREN(t)HESIS — Right sizing, decluttering
» Milwaukee Community Acupuncture to Provide No-cost Service to Vets
» IN BALANCE — Calming the mind in turbulent times
» SPOTTLIGHT — Contemplating or preparing to move? Time to ditch that clutter!
» HALL MONITOR — Still too much testing
» Speed Humps for Smith Street
» Tintype siren song
» Hello Bay View! — Mezzo-soprano Emily Fons moves home and prepares for her Florentine Opera debut
» Early Music Now Hosts Ars Longa de La Habana
» Alan Lomax Revisited at SMPAC
» True Love Stories in Caregiving — Book-signing with authors former Wisconsin Governor Martin Schreiber and John McCarthy
» Urban Aquaculture and Aquaponics Workshops — Learn How to Build Your Own System
» St. Francis Library Children’s Cooking Classes
» Humboldt Park Egg Hunt April 8
» Hoan Bridge Safety Question Pursued
» Camaraderie is heart of St. Ann Center Indoor Market
» Ald. Zielinski Initiates Residential and Commercial Surveillance Camera Endeavor 
» REAL ESTATE SPOTLIGHT 53207 — If you love a low-interest mortgage rate, act now
» IN BALANCE — How to pick a personal trainer
» Former Fernwood Montessori Student Wins College Scholarship
» HALL MONITOR — Uniformity, or spirit?
» BID installs gateway signs
» Bye-bye Bay View — Hello five acres, four goats, and a passel of chickens
» Howard Avenue Expansion May Encompass Dover Street School
» Free Citizen-Science Wetland- Monitoring Program
» Calls for Traffic Calming on Howell Avenue to Protect Pedestrians
» Plan B, Raised Crosswalk Slated for Clement Avenue  
» An Old Fashioned Christmas at Beulah Brinton House
» New Bay View mural highlights neighborhood’s historic landmarks
» The Magnet Factory
» BOOK REVIEW — An Illustrated History of Cudahy Commerce
» Winter wonderland
» IN BALANCE — Welcome to your future
» 2017 market may favor buyers
» Renewing the call for politics in the classroom
» IN BALANCE — Breathing for better health
» PAREN(T)HESIS — Greeting grandma
» REAL ESTATE SPOTTLIGHT 53207 — Price it right
» Downtown Montessori Academy Students Crochet Mats for Homeless
» St. Francis Sisters of St. Francis Assisi plan new convent
» Bay View High School preps student chefs
» Coyote Watch — Get Involved
» HALL MONITOR — Election results endanger MPS
» Lance Sijan’s fighter jet memorial to receive new venue, improved visibility
» Director brings fresh options to Cudahy Rec Department
» PAREN(T)HESIS — Milwaukee tap water safety
» HALL MONITOR — With MPS on the way up, time to boost high schools too
» Frolics meeting sparks fireworks
» Stitchweld project transforms former industrial site
» South Shore Park iconic tree in dire straits?
» Frolics Festival and Parade Meeting October 26

Featured Columns

PAREN(t)HESIS — Right sizing, decluttering PAREN(t)HESIS — Right sizing, decluttering
By Jill Rothenbueler Maher

The first signs of spring include the robins’ return, joggers out in force in our parks and on the Oak Leaf trail, and my own inklings of spring cleaning. I have found that an easy way to keep things tidy at home is to have less stuff. I think that the architecture in Bay View lends itself to a more minimalist lifestyle than the suburbs because our... »Read more

THE FINE PRINT — Does it pay to incorporate in a different state? THE FINE PRINT — Does it pay to incorporate in a different state?
By Jan Pierce

Corporations and other limited liability entities are creatures of state statute. That means that each state has its own rules for chartering them, and its own requirements regarding fees, taxes, reporting, and disclosure. This would appear to provide a corporation 50 different options to choose from. But when you consider all of the variables involved,... »Read more

PAREN(T)HESIS — Clothing conundrums PAREN(T)HESIS — Clothing conundrums
By Jill Rothenbueler Maher

Many Milwaukee Public School students will be wearing uniforms starting this fall due to a new policy. At some schools, parents and guardians voted on filing a school-wide exemption. If a certain percent of the adults vote against uniforms, the whole school will not adopt the new policy. Regardless of the vote, individual students can be exempted. The... »Read more