‘Bay View Mayor’ honored for transforming lives and a neighborhood
By Sheila Julson & Katherine Keller
About 50 people packed Café India Dec. 10 to honor Bill Doyle, who received the first ever Bay View Lifetime Achievement Award. »Read more
Park group provides Humboldt Park’s ice-condition reports

Tickets and towing in Oklahoma Avenue alley cause grief
By Katherine Keller
Overnight parking in alleys is not permitted in Milwaukee. However, many residents can get around that parking regulation if if they are able to park their vehicle... »Read more
Stephanie Sue Stein’s noble career serving the elderly


» Park People issue alert: O’Donnell Park may be on the chopping block again
» Joint Statement from members of the Common Council concerning Ald. Joe Dudzik
» Ald. Ashanti Hamilton on the streetcar debate: Seeing beyond the streetcar — just one part of strategy to create opportunities 
» A little levity concerning the proposed streetcar from Ald. Stamper
» Fine doubles in Milwaukee for failure to shovel walks/remove ice
» Truth lies in the middle of Milwaukee Streetcar debate 
» Bay View Historical Society to receive large bequest
» Grant Park improvements include beach area and two-mile Oak Leaf Trail stretch this year
» B&B application for 602 E. Lincoln in Bay View
» Milwaukee’s MKL Jr Celebration’s theme is “What a Beautiful World: A Salute to Those Who Protect and Serve”
» Protected: FGHJKUIOhjkl
» Owl Prowl at Wehr Nature Center this weekend and next
» Ald. Donovan and Ald. Joe Davis, Sr. to launch citywide petition drive to force streetcar binding referendum
» What are the winter parking rules on your street? Do you know where you can can park during a snow emergency?
» Park group provides Humboldt Park’s ice-condition reports
» Oxford English Dictionary now available via MPL.org
» Concert-fundraiser for homeless vets Jan. 11 at The Coffee House
» Intro to local genealogy resources Jan. 14 at St. Francis Library
» Brian Eisold to challenge Terry Falk for MPS board seat
» Chili Cookoff January 17
» Avalon Atmospheric Theater & Lounge — Grand Opening December 18, 2014
» ‘Bay View Mayor’ honored for transforming lives and a neighborhood
» Local students dance in Nutcracker
» THE FINE PRINT — Does it pay to incorporate in a different state?
» PAREN(T)HESIS — Golden age?
» HALL MONITOR — MPS Building Success
» Organization helps pregnant women, new moms
» Tickets and towing in Oklahoma Avenue alley cause grief
» Street car financing a shell game, says Zielinski
» Stephanie Sue Stein’s noble career serving the elderly
» City of Milwaukee offers recycling and “e-cycling” tips after the holidays 
» DPW New Year’s holiday schedules: garbage, recycling, self-help centers, parking, tow lot and water works
» Red Arrow Park decision demonstrates need for additional reforms
» BBB warns of IRS scammers
» A G JB Van Hollen announces national $90 cramming settlement with T-Mobile
» City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works Christmas holiday schedules 
» Housing Trust Fund grants totaling $600,000 will help the homeless, create jobs and boost neighborhoods affected by foreclosures 
» Terry Falk to run for reelection of his Milwaukee School Board citywide seat
» Brian Eisold to challenge Terry Falk for Milwaukee School Board citywide seat
» Joint Committee on downtown streetcar implementation meeting, Dec. 9, 1:30pm, City Hall
» “Seeds of Challenge” examines extreme weather impacts to Wisconsin agriculture
» LETTER TO EDITOR — Former resident found Compass
» LETTER TO EDITOR — Art Stop Symbolism? 
» LETTER TO EDITOR — Make No Mistake On Our Great Lake
» Iconic, beloved Avalon Theater opens Dec. 15  
» ParenThesis — Rolling with gender roles
» Humboldt Park Beer Garden update
» THE FINE PRINT — Do I need to collect sales tax if I sell stuff on the internet?
» HALL MONITOR — All I want for Christmas is some time
» BVNA announces grant recipients
» Ecco!  Naples comes to Bay View
» Cutting Group expands to Bay View
» Artist acquires vintage print shop
» With bubbler and repavement, restoration of Milwaukee’s last public well is complete
» City of Milwaukee 1919 plans for the update of the Bay View’s Pryor Avenue Iron Well
» Three vehicles broken into Nov. 8 & 9 on north end of Bay View business district
» Kenosha home-health-agency owner charged with fraud, forgery and racketeering; $1,522,307.56 in false billings
» Last day to rake leaves into street is Sat., November 15
» Operation Alley Cat initiative pays off with arrest — suspect believed to be responsible for stealing from garages
» Ald. Murphy hosting Heroin and Opiates 101 – A Neighborhood & Community Meeting Nov. 19
» Outpost donates $20,000
» Jim Baker sells Bay View Printing
» King Building five-story apartment development plan abandoned
» BVNA photo contest winners — the slideshow
» Humboldt Park glowed with Halloween fun
» BAY VIEW BITES — Café India
» Improvements planned for South Shore Beach
» HALL MONITOR — Moving thoughts
» Enthusiasm curbed in St. Francis
» Bay View’s ‘Art Stop': Urban Counter-Pose, Is it counter-urban?
» Houdini’s Life and Legend at St. Francis Library
» St. Francis Civic Center Dedication
» Sharrows on Russell Avenue
» Pumpkin Pavilion 2014
» PARENTHESIS — Use acetaminophen with care

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HALL MONITOR — MPS Building Success HALL MONITOR — MPS Building Success
By Jay Bullock

Remember the debate over what to do with the vacant Dover Street School building? Some people preferred it stay vacant, some wanted it sold to neighboring St. Lucas Lutheran School, and others, like me, supported what eventually happened, the sale of the building and grounds to become housing. Among the other forces at play in that debate, besides the... »Read more

THE FINE PRINT — Does it pay to incorporate in a different state? THE FINE PRINT — Does it pay to incorporate in a different state?
By Jan Pierce

Corporations and other limited liability entities are creatures of state statute. That means that each state has its own rules for chartering them, and its own requirements regarding fees, taxes, reporting, and disclosure. This would appear to provide a corporation 50 different options to choose from. But when you consider all of the variables involved,... »Read more

PAREN(T)HESIS — Golden age? PAREN(T)HESIS — Golden age?
By Jill Rothenbueler Maher

When people think of “golden years,” they are often referring to retirement. But some people claim there are golden years of parenting, years when things are smoother than other years, and the parent-child pair is in sync. I found parenting a newborn very difficult, due especially the lack of a solid night of sleep — my own sleep, that is! It... »Read more