Potholes in Bay View make for day of recreation and fun
By Hallie Strom
At the first spring thaw, the immense potholes throughout Bay View have become useful as recreational ponds... »Read more
HISTORIC BAY VIEW: Goose Fest at 50

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HALL MONITOR — Accountability for whom? HALL MONITOR — Accountability for whom?
By Jay Bullock

A friend of mine tweeted a couple of weeks ago how he and his preschool-aged daughter were learning about the winter Olympics. They were watching the games together on TV, reading books together about the different sports, and making their own book together about the games. He posted a bunch adorable pictures that his daughter drew of the athletes. I... »Read more

THE FINE PRINT — Can I stop paying rent if I get in a dispute with my landlord? THE FINE PRINT — Can I stop paying rent if I get in a dispute with my landlord?
By Jan Pierce

When you sign a lease with a landlord, you’re making an agreement. You give him or her money, and in exchange, you get a place to live. But it’s more than that. You expect to have a place that you can live in comfortably and safely. The law sets certain basic requirements. You have the right to “quiet enjoyment” and “tenantability.” Generally... »Read more

Handling handcrafts Handling handcrafts
By Jill Rothenbueler Maher

Has the toy craze known as rainbow loom invaded your house yet? It involves looping together dozens of bands about the diameter of an adult’s thumb. Like many kids her age, our six year old is a whiz at making the bands into a bracelet. A student at afterschool camp recently taught her a special pattern called a fishtail. The other night, she drew... »Read more