Senior Meals at Beulah Brinton Center
By Jill Rothenbueler Maher
How does beef stroganoff for lunch sound? Or how about baked fish with potato casserole, vegetable blend, roll, and dessert? »Read more
Moth Night at Wehr Nature Center July 24 and 25

Service learning brings community, BVHS students together for greater good
By Sheila Julson
Those passing Art Stop at the intersection of Kinnickinnic, Howell and Lincoln... »Read more
End of an Era — Gallery Books


» Moth Night at Wehr Nature Center July 24 and 25
» IN BALANCE — Chinese nutrition for cool night’s sleep
» PARENTHESIS — When to roam
» End of an Era — Gallery Books
» BID’s baskets damaged by wind 
» Senior Meals at Beulah Brinton Center
» An Entertainment Mall Is Not What Downtown Needs
» Service learning brings community, BVHS students together for greater good
» Bay View High School Marching band looking spiffy!
» BOOK REVIEW — Bootstrap New Urbanism: Design, Race, and Redevelopment in Milwaukee
» South Shore Farmers Market to begin 16th season
» Color abounds on Bay View’s Main Street
» IN BALANCE — The Golden Month
» HALL MONITOR — Lawmakers deal MPS deathblow
» PARENTHESIS — Travel with kids
» Live summer performance at St. Francis Library
» Portion of beer garden profits will help maintain park
» Town Hall Meeting about proposed gun club move to Warnimont Park June 3
» Attention families, history buffs, and fire truck enthusiasts
» Humboldt Park Listening Session Thursday, June 4
» No South Shore Frolics Parade
» Friends of South Shore Park Update + May 14 Potluck
» April Fool’s Issue’s Bay View Mechanics Story
» Habitat For Humanity Donation Blitz
» 2015 Youth Sailing Scholarships
» Holman to challenge Zielinski for District 14 seat
» Run/Walk Event June 6 in Humboldt Park
» Humboldt Park 4th of July Association seeking members
» Bay View Tragedy Commemoration is May 3
» Park Group Has New Name
» Congratulations Hannah!
» Carol Voss is new District 8 school board member
» Chinese Medicine includes Feng Shui
» Re-thinking movie night
» Research confirms fixing Milwaukee’s schools means fixing Milwaukee too
» Public meeting May 20 about potential development for former Army Reserve land
» Avalon Theater landmark ceremony features Vel Phillips documentary June 1
» Strontium levels in Pryor Avenue Well water prompt precautionary health advisory
» Floral-form sculpture planned for Zillman Park
» IN BALANCE — Stay healthy this spring
» Q10: Toni Spott, Real Estate Agent
» Packard Avenue streetscape reconstruction planned
» Peregrine Falcon photographed in Bay View
» OPEN LETTER to Ald. Tony Zielinski: Faust Site Redevelopment
» LETTER TO EDITOR: Faust Music Site — Honor the Past, Retain Warm Allure
» Local student geo bee semifinalist
» BVEP OK with Blight on KK, opts to deal with disguising UFO crash at Lincoln/Howell/KK
» Flared jeans comeback miserable failure
» Long Headlines You Missed
» Alderman Compares Art Stop to Calatrava’s Quadracci Pavilion
» Vanguard sausage thieves
» Resident Complains Street Still Not Plowed
» Our Water event at Avalon April 25
» With Demise of Faust Building, Satan Returns to Claim Bay View’s Soul
» Competitive cycling returns to Bay View this summer
» Bay View auto mechanics vie for hipness cred, customers
» Bay View’s Hide House is for sale
» Wisconsin State Senate unanimously supports bill to reduce microbead pollution in state’s waters
» Friday Night Fish Fry at Polish Center
» Alzheimer’s Memory Café at Bay View United Methodist
» Online Buyers/Sellers Offered Safe Place for Transactions
» Meet “Street Names” Author
» Humboldt Park Easter Egg Hunt is March 28
» Your Guide to Bay View…27 years ago
» Howell Avenue road construction begins in April
» LETTER — Report from Humboldt Park Friends
» LETTER — Help the Bay View Area Redcats 
» LETTER — Humboldt Park 4th of July Volunteers Need Your Help!
» LETTER — Bay View Neighborhood Association Update
» New chef, seasonal menus at Sheridan’s
» Multi-use project planned for Faust Music site at KK & Ward
» Renovations underway at Tippecanoe Library
» Growing orchids and amaryllis — South Shore Garden Club Mar. 2
» PAREN(T)HESIS — Parenting sins
» IN BALANCE — Treating emotional disorders

Featured Columns

HALL MONITOR — Lawmakers deal MPS deathblow HALL MONITOR — Lawmakers deal MPS deathblow
By Jay Bullock

After Wisconsin’s Joint Finance Committee finished its late-night work on education funding last month, I posted this line from Shakespeare to Facebook, spoken by Romeo’s friend Mercutio, “Ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man. I am peppered, I warrant, for this world.” Mercutio has just been stabbed and he staggers offstage... »Read more

THE FINE PRINT — Does it pay to incorporate in a different state? THE FINE PRINT — Does it pay to incorporate in a different state?
By Jan Pierce

Corporations and other limited liability entities are creatures of state statute. That means that each state has its own rules for chartering them, and its own requirements regarding fees, taxes, reporting, and disclosure. This would appear to provide a corporation 50 different options to choose from. But when you consider all of the variables involved,... »Read more

PARENTHESIS — When to roam PARENTHESIS — When to roam
By Jill Rothenbueler Maher

The other day I was holding our dog’s leash and watching our daughter play around a rock in the park. It was enjoyable to see her get in the zone a little bit where she seemed to be inside her own head, while I stood about 50 yards away. Only a few people passed by, including an older couple who behaved a bit strangely. They circled around my our... »Read more